Yahoo Messenger locks CAVS

DL’ed and installed Beta 2.0…no problem. We shut off the PC for a day out of town and now Yahoo messenger get stuck on startup and Comodo’s HIPS is asking permission to allow Yahoo Updater to be allowed, but am unable to click ‘ALLOW’ and Yahoo Messenger will not start. Also, I am unable to bring the Comodo AV program up to get help. Also, I used this email address when installing to get authorzation email from Comodo, but never received it. Am using a wired connection from a Linksys 54G router delivering DSL from ATT.

Hi goodvibes48. Welcome to the forums!

COMODO Antivirus 3 has been released. Please upgrade to that version. Uninstall CAV2 before doing so.

To just have CAV 3, Just check “COMODO Antivirus” During installation, & Not Comodo Firewall.


:slight_smile: Thanks…I’ll do that.