Yahoo! Mail?

I just installed the CPF, and so far it seems to be going allright except for one aspect, and that’s my yahoo mail pages. I have firefox unblocked in the firewall, but for whatever reason none of the pages linked to yahoo mail will load without multiple refreshes, if at all. What is the reason for this, and how can I fix it?

ETA: Also, I’ve been having difficulties that someone here may be able to help with–every torrent file (the smaller, 55 kb or whatever it is, that should take a quarter of a second to download) goes insanely slowly when I’m downloading it, regardless of whether I open it with my torrent program or save to disk and then open it. It’s been like this every since I got to school this year, but once the torrent file has been loaded in the program the download proceeds normally. Anyone know what could be causing this problem? I’m only able to get about 25% of the torrents I want because the basic file won’t download.

Hi Analia & welcome to the forums.

Since it is Yahoo perhaps this is the ICMP Fragmentation problem. Please check this topic & see if the instrcutions in there help. Also check CPFs log & see if anything was blocked at the time you attempt to access Yahoo mail.

Torrent… there are FAQs on setting up uTorrent & eMule to work with CPF. Check the FAQ section, the topics are “stuck” to the top of the FAQ section.