yahoo mail doesnt work in chromodo but works on comodo dragon

im not sure if this should be in this category

Yahoo mail doesnt work there’s no search bar and clicking anything doesn’t do anything on
Firefox version 44.0.2,
Google chrome 48.0.2564.109(64bit ) m,
Chromodo version Version
and IE 11.

But works on Comodo dragon
(i dont have comodo icedragon so i dont know if it works )

they all have adblock plus and ghostery (IE tracking protection using easylist )
already tried clear cache and disabled addons

yahoo mail Was working until wed feb 17, 2016 UTC +8 but got broken on thu feb 18. 2016

im guesing yahoo upgraded something but broke compatibility to latest browser or using buggy code that got fixed?
im not sure whether its yahoo or the browser but looks more like yahoo problem

good thing i have comodo dragon ;D

still broken in google chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 m (64-bit)
windows 7 64bit