XP SP3 - update existing v7.0.317789.4142 to v_7_0_55655_4142

I’m running CIS v7.0.317789.4142 on a PIII1400S 3x512MB PC133 SDRAM WinXP SP3 w/ no updates - yet - brand new install.

Can I execute v7_0_55655_4142.exe, or should I do the whole clean-install-dance?

What about migrating to v8.x; bad news cause that’s update hell, right?

The V5, to V6, to V7 where ok but to V8 I ended with a empty file list all done on Win7.

So for version 8 series I would advise a full uninstall/install.


I believe that would be inadvisable, as 8.2 requires SSE2 support. The processors listed for your board (all) do not list SSE2 instruction code support.
Please see this thread

Erm, I fergited about that SSE2 - so v8.x is right out - as CPU does not do SSE2

I know I was running the latter version before - without prollems - but I inadvertently installed the wrong version, i.e., the former version out of my EXE folder 'stead of the latter version out of my CD_Images partition. So, an in-place update to v7.0.55655.4142 would be mighty fine indeed.