XP File Sharing Settings....

I am running a linksys wireless router, the desktop is running xp/home and I am using the wireless for a thinkpad running xp sp2. The installation was a piece of cake with the linksys cd. Although I hate their bloated software.

Wireless is running fine, I can only get file sharing and printing to work if I disable comodo and norton firewall on the desktop. Which isnt a good thing.

I removed Nortons Firewall in favor of comodo on the desktop, but still have to shut them off to get the computers to communicate?

Any guides on setting this up…

I also have a problem with the xp/home pc seeing the thinkpad with xp/sp2 in its workgroup. Even though I can ping and share files and printers (w/firewall off). But I dont think that is a comodo issue.

I map_guy, welcome to the forums.

It sounds like you have not set-up a “Trusted Zone” for your LAN within CFP. This would explain the file sharing/printer problems & not be able to generally communicate with other members of your LAN. If you create a trusted zone that includes all the LAN members (their IP range) then CFP will not interfere with them. At the moment, CFP probably thinks the other LAN members are making unsolicited (not asked for) connection attempts & rejecting them by default.

Missed one your questions (sorry). Lot’s of info hanging off our CFP FAQ topic.