XP 32 Prob

XP 32

CD drive on the system doesn’t works so have installed XP with WinToFlash i.e creating USB XP install. If I reinstall I always use WinToFlash created USB XP install & never had any prob.

Nowadays I am having prob i.e sometimes when I start system it goes black during boot or after it reaches desktop, though the system is ON i.e behind the black screen it is ON i.e you can hear the Windows sound during boot or shut down when powered off i.e hitting the tab on the laptop.

This happens sometimes & when it happens I have to restart 5-6 times i.e atleast 5-6 times continuously it goes black & then its fine.

No malware found by various scanners & 2-3 rescue disks.

Dont know what could be the prob?

CIS 6 latest default settings without AV, Internet Security Config
Comodo Time Machine 2.8

Have also checked uninstalling CTM but the prob remains.

It sounds like a hardware or driver problem.