xculaa xculab, xculac, xculab, xjx.exe ??????

I was looking for info on resetting a printer. found this site below.Downed the Adobe flash player. Imediately on trying to open it on desk top comodo sandboxed it and the icon disapered from desktop. Every time on boot up I get the comodo pop up telling me it has secured the above apps. I found them in windows C files. They creat a Prefetch folder which I deleted and the files. . The excula.exe etc is created every time I reboot and will only let me remove the previous app.
I have added to quarantine, and deleted with Comodo. But it always reappears on reboot???

Any ideas PLEASE!!!

Thanks in advance!!! ;D

EDIT: No live malware links in messages pleae.

That is not Adobe Flash Player.




Try cleaning your computer following the methods in this guide:
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

What I found weird is that in VT comodo is listed as not detecting that malware but when I went to download it, CIS found it and killed it. I have the same signatures at VT does too. I wonder what is going on, maybe cloud detection?

I scanned it manually and found nothing, but I have the real-time scanner disabled.

It’s probably the BOClean type signatures. If I understand correctly these detect malware differently than do the others.

Thanks for reply guy’s.

Right so I used cloud scanner and it does detect xjx.exe. But how do I use the prog to remove? Also the app detects so much stuff that is cool, favourites etc.

I have run scans with CIS superantispyware and mailwarebytes none detect it. What is the best way to remove. with software I have listed. Namely CIS.

Not the most efficient at this stuff so please go easy on me LOL…

Thanks again…

[at]Chiron From what he wrote it is not BOClean signatures, it seems to be the cloud scanner that is now working.

[at]Minguales Please download Dr. Web CureIt from here http://www.freedrweb.com/cureit/?lng=en and run it.

Also, I reported this file to the AV’s in this list:
Links to Report Malware to All Major AV’s

So detection should be incorporated into most of the AV’s on virustotal soon.

Will run as recomended. Forgive me I have just realised that cloud scanner is detect only. Hit man pro does not dtect anything on my pc???

This just goes to show you much much the comodo cloud scanner is improving.

I am having trouble downing Dr web. But run hit man a 3rd time and it spotted xjx and xcula. Claims to have deleted. I will reboot and see. fingers crossed. Thanks so much…

Rebooted. Appears to be nuked!!! :-TU

what trouble are you having downloading it. try this link http://www.freedrweb.com/download+cureit/gr/?lng=en

Thats spot on , cheers!!! :-TU

You can also try running a quick scan with a-squared:

Thanks guys. I have used Asquared in past. Great app.