Xbox360 & windows media player. Still cant resolve the wall of silence

Hi All,

I,m still having problems with the above :frowning:

ive read all the threads i can, assigned ports, hosts, trusted zones, runes Well ok not runes, but you get the picture) :wink:

The xbox will talk to xbox live, but will not see my main pc, which has my media stuff on.

if i disable the defense security level & the firewall security level, then all is hunky dory, the xbox sees, the main pc, and allows connection & media streaming.

I saw the thread with the “new version of CFP”, which purportedly reolves the issues, so I checked out the releases and if ive got it right, downloaded it and updated the old version .

My new version reports as

however it still refuses to see the xbox with the security levels engaged :frowning:

to the best of my knowledge, I’ve set a trusted zone, assigned numerous ports & port ranges, to various “this is the one” applications with no success.

perhaps its me, but some of the instructions and actions to follow are odd, where it says “target address, and there’s no tab for target address!” ( I,m then not sure what tabs, ports to enter etc)

surely if CFP can see the address thats asking for access, it should be a simple button click to say, This address is ok, allow it access to, and then highlight the files / folders.

really getting stumped now, :frowning:

any ideas



well i dont know how but its all working now :slight_smile:

i used some of the info found in the other threads :slight_smile:

set some rules, and it found the pc this morning (funny it wouldnt last night (:SAD))

it would see the files, but not play them… odd…

i went and looked at the pc, amd is was asking permission to allow the files to run, (WMP)

i hit allow, and the audio started to stream :):slight_smile:

i tried video, but again no go, however there was another firewall application alert, once allowed i had video :slight_smile:

i turned the xbox off, and tried again


seems the patch worked

many thanks