XBOX 360 Live

Hi, i love the Comodo Firewall i still cant believe all of this is free!! :open_mouth: lol
Anyway im trying to get the Firewall to work with my XBOX 360 Live. I’ve tryed alot of FAQ’s and stuff but to no avail. I Defined a trusted network but it still did not work. Here is a screenshot of what i got.

My LAN IP is 192.168.X.X and i did it to start from that and end at 192.168.X.X.
I’m connected through a USB modem, WAN connection, then a Ethernet cable from the PC to XBOX 360. It all works fine when the firewall is set to Allow All. Any ideas guys? If u need anymore specs just ask.


First I edited your original post because you included your IP information, we don’t need that, and you don’t need hackers to get their hands on it either ;).

As for the 360 Live,

What ports does it need to access the internet? If you could get me that information I could explain how you can setup your firewall to allow it.

I just made a tutorial for this :wink:

Firstly thank you for editing the post :smiley:
Secondly, i just tryed that tutorial, followed it to a Tea. Still doesn’t work :’(

You are welcome

Try to disable “do protocol analysis” and try to connect again. If it does not work disable also “block fragmented IP datagrams”

Hmmm, i unticked both of them, and it still didn’t work :frowning:
Any other ideas?

Oh awesome, i installed Comodo Beta firewall, and now it works perfect :smiley: THANK YOU!!!

Glade to hear that. :Beer

ps. did you have to uncheck any option? I’m asking for adding it at the tutorial

No nothing mate. :smiley:

Glad you were able to get it working successfully thank you for your feedback :smiley: