xbox 360, CIS and Windows 7

I just purchased a new laptop today with windows 7. I installed CIS and cannot figure out how to setup the firewall to allow a connection with my xbox 360. Can anyone help me with this?

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Take a look at this thread, see if it helps:

Can’t share media with Xbox 360

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Thanks for the help, but unfortunately after I followed every step in that forum and every link in that forum I still get the same message. On the xbox it says “Connection failure the xbox could not connect to the windows media center pc. turn your xbox off then on again, and try to connect again.” If I try that I get the same message again. When I setup a new connection on the laptop it says “setup complete but comodo is blocking a connection”.

I created every rule and port in the forum in the link above and still no luck.

My Laptop IP is
gateway is
Subnet Mas
xbox ip is
DNS Settins are automatic
DNS Server is

got any other ideas?

also I never deleted anything that the postings in the link said to create either, if that matters


I use a ethernet cable to connect my xbox to access windows media center on my Vista computer.

I will give you the Global rules I have to make the connection work Application rules you should have alerts for or they will auto created depending on what mode you have the firewall set at.

Allow in UDP any IP address to IP Source port any Destination port 9
Allow in UDP any IP address to IP Source port any Destination port 1900

Allow in UDP IP to IP Source port any Destination port any
Allow in TCP IP to IP Source port any Destination port any

You can make one rule with the last two but I kept them separate to see what ports were being used.
You may also have to change the first IP your xbox address if you use a wireless connection, the easy way to do this is change to any and log the rule.

Please post if you still cannot connect or you want to create more strict rules.



That’s a bit over my head. I have the Free 4.0.135239.742 Red version of COMODO and I can’t quite figure out how to do what you’ve suggested. I would really apreciate a step-by-step explanation. I wish I’d never uninstalled my old version of COMODO, I feel like it was easier to use.

What OS please 7,Vista,XP

Could you please post a screenshot of firewall logs after you have tried to connect to XBox.


Edit The other way would be to make CIS V4 work more like CIS 3.14 by changing some settings if you prefer.