xbox 360 and internet connection sharing

Im new to comodo firewall.
Im trying to connect xbox 360 using windows ics through my pc to xbox live.My xbox is connected to my pc using a cable to my ethernet card this set up used to work automatically using sygate firewall.The only way i can connect to xbox live with comodo is to turn off network monitor.Im worried that this will leave me open to attacks from the web.
Ive followed the xbox 360 tutorial still no luck is there something im missing can someone please advice in plain english as this firewall seems very good for my computer.
I have windows media center pc and connect to tiscali broadband

I think I understand your problem. Your xbox is networked to your PC via ethernet, and the PC is connected to the internet via a modem of some sort, right?
Try this:
Click Security-Tasks. In the bottom right pane is a Wizard to Define a New Trusted Network. Use it to define a trusted network for your LAN adapter. THEN go to the Network Monitor and examine the list of rules. The new rule will have been created at the end of the list AFTER the rule (with a red X) that blocks everything: MOVE the new rule UP above the block everything rule. Restart the firewall. Reboot the other computers on the LAN (or otherwise force them to reacquire their IP addresses e.g “ipconfig /renew”).

Note to developers: please have a look at the way the Network Wizard works, or provide an option specifically for setting up ICS.



Thanks for a response.I tried what you said had no luck.
I connect to tiscali using a wan (ppp/slip) interface which i persume is the sagem usb modem and my xbox 360 is plugged in to a realtek rtl8139/810xfamily fast ethernet nic on the back of my pc.I think im not setting up the protocals right and not sure if i need to set up a trusted network using the realtek or wan adaptor.Comodo only finds the realtek adaptor and i could not direct it to the wan adaptor.
I have the ip addresses of these adaptors and my xbox 360 i think but not sure how to work all this out.Please help if possible

Sorry about that - I posted too soon - I thought I had it licked but I didn’t - in fact I thought I deleted that post. I’m running Windows 2000 on the PC - what about you?

Thats fine im running windows media center.I used xbox live tonight just had to turn off network monitoring dont like doing it but my computer and broadband seems faster with this firewall.

Hi dame666,

Have you tried to disable the option do protocol analysis?

Hi Pandlouk
Thank you for your time.
Ive tried what you said still no luck.Ive set up a trusted zone for the xbox with a source and destination zone of because the only thing the new trusted zone wizard finds is my realtek ethernet nic so im sure ive set up wrong and should be using the ethernet which i have the ip address and subnet mask and mac configs, as a new zone as i connect my xbox 360 to my pc with a cable and use ics.I kow this all works because it was fine with sygate firewall.I need help knowing which zone to use and how to set it up hope this info will help you to help me thank you again for your time

Hello i just set up my 360 to run through my PC (ex 360 to pc to internet) but a little different set the ports to in/out also you might need to bridge the connections under windows. with these settings my 360 connects fine so this should work for you guys.