x64 bit xp

Are u going to supply comodo firewall for windows xp x64 users.


this would be very nice for Windows XP Pro 64bit or Vista 64bit.


Not sure about the Vista x64, but I believe the Beta 3 is intended for Vista x86. I need to get this verified though :slight_smile:

hello i’m running comodo with a amd x64 media center pc with xp pro x86 and it works fine :slight_smile: i’v found out just becuse my pc say’s it’s x64 thats just the processor my oporating system is x86 :slight_smile: you can look in system info to find out what os system you have :slight_smile: i hope this helps :slight_smile:

Melih recently posted that V3 will be Vista and x64 compatible.

Ewen :slight_smile:

To be more precise, CFP v3 will support both Windows XP x86/x64 and Vista x86/x64 :slight_smile: