Anybody know why is Wyzo marked as malicious?

Wyzo Media Browser is what you mean?

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Exactly and tnks. Many people say it’s malicious. Also the WOT rating says that, but why? any ideas?

Hi Anathaen,

Can you please tell us full detection name ?


Hi Anathaen,

Not many ideas :), but some additional info:

McAfee site advisor :

Varying levels of risk throughout – please use this site with caution.

On WOT page see comments about hpHosts (page #2)
Engaged in the distribution of malware.
and indeed hpHosts project just blocking the site (if you check current file) – you may ask their forum why?

So basically, for some reason the site is indeed considered by some as “not very trusted” ???


The program doesn’t seem very suspicious.

Here’s the report from virustotal:

and the one from CIMA:

I have no exact info, just what I’ve read from various comments, people using COMODO saying their AV detected something suspicious or a suspicious behaviour in Wyzo.

Also today, I ran Wyzo on my secondary account on my PC with limited rights and got several errors when setting up Wyzo with homepage of Google and after that I got a strange error and I was directed to their fan site on Facebook?

Also, what I’ve noticed with Wyzo is enormous CPU consumption overall, and with Skype my PC almost totally froze.

Now I can confirm that Wyzo indeed is malicious. On recommendation of my service technician I was told to try and uninstall the app and to see if my PC runs better. Also, the cooler I thought was not working is, it was only Wyzo causing problems, or possibly a virus spread through Wyzo. When I had the browser opened I had problems with Skype also, my computer kept freezing and this did not happen before.

As it was pointed above - the best way to find out why the site is considered dangerous
is to ask hpHosts forum.
The Softaware itself may not be malicious as a matter of fact so the advice / unistalling ad “better running PC” may be just coincidental

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