www.somedomain.net and somedomain.net SSL Cert

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we currently have a SSL Cert registered to www.somedomain.net - however, there is now a business need for site visits to have valid SSL Certs (no browser generated certificate warnings) for both https://www.somedomain.net and https://somedomain.net

is there any way for this to happen? do you need to purchase 2 different SSL Certs - one for the WWW and one for the [somedomain.net]? A wildcard cert seems slightly overkill for this - but is wildcarding actually the accepted way to go with a request like this?

Thanks for your help and any answers you can provide.


I also have a similar requirement. Can the AlternateName field of the certificate be used for this puirpose?

Can we get a response from Comodo regarding the options available?


The best option would be to contact sales to find out what is available.
Comodo offer a wide choice of certificates for various SSL implementations.



The certificate that currently comes up on your site appears to be a wildcard certificate for *.hostgator.com. That being said, Comodo now offers subject alternative names (SAN’s) in all our SSL certificate offerings. The way it works is that if you order a certificate for www.somedomain.net, a SAN for somedomain.net will be added to the certificate. Conversely, if you order the certificate for somedomain.net, the SAN for www.somedomain.net will be added.