WWW.help-yield hijacker

and peddles junk. I have to press opt out to change back to google search.

same problem as this;


Hi luee,

The good news. It’s not something on your PC.

The bad news. It is a “service” your ISP has on their DNS servers.
If you misstype a URL, rather than give an error message like page does not exist etc.
They scab search hits, you click a link they get $.

You can phone your ISP and freak on them, let them know you don’t appreciate the “service”.
I doubt it will do much good, but who knows, maybe they can exclude you.


At the bottom right side of the search result page. Click on - about this page.
On this next page Click - If you would like to Opt Out of this service, please click here.
On this page you can either choose which search engine you would like to redirect to,
or choose to just get a page error, like normal.

The crappy part of this is to opt out you must accept and keep the cookie that lets their DNS server know which option you chose. So if you delete the cookie then the redirects are back to square one.

Good luck, hope this helps.


PS. One more option, use an alternate DNS server like Open DNS or similar.