ALoha COMODO(S) Browser Dudes

Ok First off I Have some issues with ADD, so I’ll try & keep this short so I don’t forget what I’m talking about.

OK,Ok, Now I’m a BIG Jimmy Buffett fan & I enjoy listening to Radio Margaritaville.
However comma it requires Adobe Flash, ( I guess you know where this is goin)
A few browser versions ago,on this very board I found something that said "Copy Pepper Flash from latest version of …That other Browser
So I Copied said folder and pasted it the Chromium Secure Folder. It worked for awhile then suddenly stopped ( I altered no settings)
Now when I go to Chromium Secure or Dragon for that matter and look in “Plug-Ins it shows Flash < Adobe and pepper Flash files. PPAPI Version 17.03 Latest version
When I go to Adobe Site & select “CHeck for Flash” click here jammy & if you see clouds floatin by then " It’s all Good”
Well I see the Clouds, However when I go to Radio Margaritaville and select player method Flash PLayer it says I need the Latest Version
However another site I track " Solar Impulse2 around the World Flight ( Which you dudes oughta check out by the way) It’s a Solar powered Aircraft Flyin Around the World
Currently in China Goin to Hawaii Next, Which by the way uses Flash Player & Works “Mavalous”

However 'I Digress" as the saying goes.
To Make a short story long… Does this latest flavor of Chrome Variant have the capability to Run Flash Player without having to be Kevin Mitnick and inserting some type of “Phone Phreak” command line Hieroglyphics. Because when I first started using this somewhat obscure browser in place of “That other Browser” brought to you by “No Such Agency” this browser ( Chrome Variant I mean) It just Worked & I was stoked. However as of late with all these changes, It’s starting to “Harsh My Buzz”
Then Last night I install this latest version " CONUNDRUM" or whatever and then transfer / install my Book Marks, Dump the Bogus Extensions and use it for a few hours, It too WAS Working just fine. However as soon as I turn off my computer and turn it on again approximately 1HR & 60 Minutes later, Boom The entire Browser has vanished.
I mean the Shortcut is on the desktop but when I click on it it has a message that basically sez This road ( Er I mean Shortcut ) leads to nowhere. ANd I look in the Browser folder and Everything is Gone and I have to reinstall via the download file which when I Run As Admin sez DO you want to REPAIR this Browser, uuuhhh YEAH.
ANd then I’m back at Square -1 and have to go thru the whole set-up process again. ANd I disable my AV during install so it’s not that.

Dude it’s like a combination Of the Movie "50 First Dates and Ground Hog Day, although not necessarily in that order.
I’d elaborate further but my "Espresso Low Light " just went on

Furthermore & In Conclusion
It seems like usein this browser is gettin harder not easier
I’d prefer not to go back to the “Dark Side” i.e. Chrome. But it’s almost like Go…gle Chrome is Darth Vader Tellin this Variant Browser " I’m Your Father Luke"
AS although this is supposed to be Faster, Less privacy infringing, Faster, So on & So Forth. It’s still dependent on those " Do More Evil" >:-D guys over in Mountainview
SO hopefully one of you “Kromodo Kahunas” can splain to me how to make this " Just Work"


!ot! uhh, perhaps to a certain degree, But then again this is the "Help Desk Eh !
I mean there are some questions in here , you just have to look a little.