wsock32.dll file makes game exe able to bypass comodo firewall

#This “wsock32.dll” is different than the one in the system32 directory both in type and function.
#It’s going to be a long read, sorry for that.

I was sorting my old CDs then found the dusty red alert 2 cd, so I thought I have 2
Computers at my home, I could play LAN wirelessly using my router,
so I fail because EA registration is dead,
so I searched and found this video, followed all instructions,
then I was able to connect the 2 computers successfully and play the game on LAN.



*disclaimer: not my video, I don’t intend to give that video views or anything like that.
*btw: old people play games like kids, but online mostly.

#My setup:
first PC:
windows 7 x64 with comodo firewall in custom mode.
(NO rules for red alert in the firewall, tripple checked)
(defense+ rule for red alert is trusted)
(sandbox is off for all game EXEs)

second PC:
windows 7 x64, windows firewall.

#The Comodo Firewall vulnerability:
usually when I play any LAN game, when the second pc is trying to connect,
I GET a Firewall alert, but with this game NO alert…

Instant connection skipped Comodo firewall !!!
This same “wsock32.dll” is installed in both PCs in the game dir alongside its main exe.

I have restarted PC, formatted system, reinstalled comodo, no luck, all games give alert, this game doesn’t.
This “wsock32.dll” is able to bypass Comodo firewall when installed in 2 computers.
SO this is a Comodo firewall vulnerability.

Comodo firewall is updated to the latest version and working correctly.
Any request for additional logs is denied in advance.
“wsock32.dll” is attached to this post.

#Red Alert 2 game is a trade mark for EA, any share of it is prohibited by law,
so you can’t test this if you don’t have the game.

#or maybe you can ?? you need to add “wsock32.dll”
to the directory of a program* that support it,
and install it on 2 computers in the same network.
*a program that may or may not exist in real life.

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