Wrong message for a deleted file (V3.0.12 X32)[BUGREPORT]

Ok this comodo firewall pro 3 should have been better tested:

1. After loading a full screen app and opening the help comodo crashes.
To reproduce run a game at full screen and then open the help through one of the many links in comodo what that happens to me is: a window saying “comodo firewall has encountred a problem and needs to close” (its a windows style window) pops up and then comodo will be stuck,
to free it i need to click exit on the tray. (there should be a crash report window i remeber from v2 but it seems to now work well in comodo firewall v3.

(Should be resolved according to: [RESOLVED] Trying to use help in Comodo program V3.0.12.266 x32)

2. Files in the pending file list that are deleted display wrong message. (might be related to: Pending Files no longer has a ‘Deleted’ Status)
When you have a file that has been deleted in the “my pending files” list and you try to add it to “my safe files” comodo will say that it cant add the file to the safelist and in brackets “maybe its allready in the list” shouldnt it say the file dosent exist? this can also come a problem with files that are created and deleted constantly so maybe its better allowing adding deleted files to the safe list to.

Additional Information:
OS: Windows XP SP2 32-bit
Comodo Firewall version: v3.0.12
Other secuirty program: avast! antivirus.