wrong forum but I have no choice. Firewall update is killing me.

Hello, I know this is the wrong forum, but I, for some weird reason, I cant get a “new topic” button in the firewall forum, so if the mods want to move this then Im ok with that.
Now for the real problem. The recent firewall update is killing me. After I update, I reboot, and go into a continues loop. Nothing I do can gets me back into windows. I can get in in safe mode, but curiously enough, diagnostic startup wont boot. CHKDSK doesnt help. In the recovery console, FIXBOOT, FIXMBR doesnt help. Im using a week old Disk image to get back up and running, and when I intall the image there are no problems, I have narrowed it down to the update. Ive shutdown AV protection while updating (Avast), shutdown BOClean, still nothing. I cant think what else might be intefering. Using XP PRO, SP3. Any help appreciated,and again, apologies for deliberately posting in the wrong forum, but I had no choice, Techdunce :slight_smile:

I’ve XP SP3 also (the “multi-media” version, which I really am not sure but think works out to being the ‘Pro’ version for all intents and purposes), and am using Comodo Firewall 3.8 (and, AVG). Should I ever need 3.9 I’ll uninstall and reinstall direct just the firewall if that option’s still available from Comodo. I gave up on merely trying to update mine conventionally as the Comodo Firewall update seemed to be clearly including a ton of other software.

Are you able to uninstall Comodo Firewall? You may need to do this in Safe Mode and first ‘restore’ to a point before your attempted Comodo firewall update. (of course, be sure you at least then have Windows’ Firewall ‘on’). With any luck, re-install (Firewall only) from Comodo will resolve your problem and allow you to continue using this otherwise fine (so far as I can tell) product.


ps. You may need to make this forum’s URL a “trusted” site in your browser, else you won’t have full functionality here.

Hello, and thanks for your reply. Had a little trouble finding my post as this is the second time its been moved.
I was coming to the same conclusion myself (uninstall/reinstall) but didnt quite want the hassle, but will probably go down that route. Thanks again for your input, Techdunce :slight_smile:

p.s. I have all the normal fucntionality in this section of the forum, but for some strange reason, I dont get a “new thread” button in the firewall section, go figure?

Well, after a ton of trouble and strife, I finally got this thing reinstalled. I dont like to complain about free (and excellent) software, but this update caused me so much trouble, not to mention lost work and time. Uninstalling/reinstalling didnt seem to work either, I just kept getting a continues boot loop on reboot. This time I chose the “firewall only” option and at last it worked, but its a bit sad when you have to leave out some of the benefits. I dont have anything exotic on my pc that might have caused this, so really not impressed. Id like to thank CFWonly for trying to respond with useful information, which I took, but for such a catostrophic result, I really felt let down by the lack of interest. Techdunce

Please note that these forums are only USER forums. The offical Comodo Support Centre is at


You can lodge a support ticket there and it will be addressed by Comodo techinicians. While a lot of Comodo staff monitor these boards, these are purely “by the user, for the user” support forums.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Point taken Ewen, no offence intended, just hit bottom there for a bit, Techdunce

No problems, Tech. I was just making sure you knew about the official support centre.

Ewen :slight_smile: