Hi was just wondering if this was a trojan. I played an Old game and this loaded up once during that period. I restarted and went to see if the game was reasponisble for loading this program. It didnt load up again. It was underneath firefox.exe in the task manager with a space i think. People are saying this is a required program, but others are saying it is a trojan. I started windows over and over and it does not appear in task manager, or msconfig startup, or whenever I run the old game again. Here’s the link with conflicting views?

I’m running panda cloud antivirus to scan most of my computer as well as malwarebytes, is there any other action I can take, like a Hijack log or something?

It’s completely safe. The Windows on Windows subsystem, wowexec.exe, allows Windows XP to run 16-bit applications (such as old games). :slight_smile:

Yes, wowexec is needed to run 16 bits applications, not only games (and is quite remanent is the task manager).

No, wowexec is not, even assuming it is the true executable and not faked by some malware, always safe:

I can take, like a Hijack log or something?
Feel free to post a hijackthis log here?