Hello folks here.

can you please explain me what the hell is that files? may uncheck or remove them?

Thanks in advanced.

Dlls not removed for installation windows 10, you can removed;
if not remove (slowdown start system);

if not remove (slowdown start system);
Those few extra empty registry keys usually don't slowdown boot.

It never hurts to check the event logs to see if there are messages upon boot that Windows waited 30,000ms for a module to respond and if that corresponds with the empty registry entries. I have the same empty entries in Autoruns and checked Event Viewer and see no delays.

At colchis. Start with disabling the entries. Then observe how your system fares. If it fares well you could consider to remove them if you like things clean.

WoW64 - Wikipedia no you should not removing them.

Thanks. That’s an interesting read. It has me wonder whether these dll files get installed when required? Do you know? I am puzzled the registry keys are there without the files.

Do you have a source for this?

but if not remove, system slowdown;
System not record files in system32 or %windir%… only record in registry windows10