WoW won't launch.

Just installed the 3.9 release a few minutes ago. And already have a huge problem, for me at least.

World of Warcraft will not launch with 3.9. It just locks my pc up if I try.

If I shutdown CIS it launches fine. And if I use 3.8 it works fine. So… fix it please :D. LOL

Oh btw, wasn’t sure what board to post this in.

please put defense + in training mode, than try launching WOW, once you are up and running you can again switch D+ to the previous mode.

Also consider to put the Firewall in training mode as well. When needed make the necessary rules to open ports.

IF you’ve already got stuck and rebooted once then WoW should now be in Firewall and D+ policies lists with ‘Custom Policy’. Simply set them to Trusted Application/Windows System Application.

Possible that WoW IS launching but as the screen goes black and the resolution changes the popup is out of reach. It’s happened to me with a LOT of games. It’s inherent to CFP’s functioning since first the screen goes black THEN the game tries to modify registry or access the internet triggering the alert popup you can’t see over the blackness.

Press Windows Key + D to reveal the desktop again. The popup should be somewhere around there. Also try ctrl+alt+del in Vista to activate extra session options. The latter usually resets the screen to something you can see.

If all else fails manually add WoW to the allow list. Note that it has SEVERAL processes like Launcher.exe and WoW.exe add all of them to both Firewall and Defense+ rules. Some older games that use old screen modes like Worms World Party make it IMPOSSIBLE to reveal the desktop again in the event of an unanswered popup without hitting the reset button on the case.

With making programs Trusted it will still pop up if a program starts another executable. Training mode gets rid off this and may also be helpful with making rules for anti cheat clients like Punkbuster.

My WoW works fine but when I got the latest patch for it, CIS went nuts with alerts that things were being changed and actually stopped the update before I had the chance to click allow on the popup. Now I know to switch to installer or training mode when there is a patch to be downloaded and applied. CIS will set up rules for temp installation files but after all is finished, you can purge those rules since the temp files will no longer exist. If you subsequently delete the downloader and patcher files, the rules for those can also be purged. Installation or training mode is the way to go when installing a game or running one the first time after installing CIS. Otherwise, you may get popups you won’t be able to see if the game has put you in full screen display and the game will halt or even freeze. Image execution can also cause problems with updates since it will alert you due to the files now being different and may also happen in full screen and not be visible. I have turned off Image execution myself and I’m trusting the AV to catch malicious apps before they can execute in the first place.