Wow read this about trust connect!

I recently read about Trust Connect in a VPN review, in fact if you have spent any time around VPN and looked at the information that is clearly out there all over the web about Comodo you’d realize this isn’t nonsense being said here…

[b]Comodo Trust Connect states: “We have logs of all system connections and will provide them to the proper authorities upon request”.

This means that even if before a court order, simply on request they turn over logs of all your outgoing connections.

Further: “Any information transmitted to Comodo through the site by a visitor is considered non-confidential and may be used by Comodo in its sole discretion.”

This means that your credit card information and all your personal data submitted at the site may be used by Comodo in ways you do not know. This is anything but privacy.

“Personal information is collected from customers only after obtaining consent, which is obtained when customers are prompted for information when subscribing to the services, by using a Comodo website, downloading a product, or requesting further information.”

Comodo collects personal information, stores that information and together with logged connections and IPs would provide that data upon request. Comodo does not pretend to have a privacy agreement to protect its clients.

Comodo is a UK company with offices in the United States. This company’s main business is SSL certificates and its VPN business is a minor aspect of its turnover. Comodo does not provide absolute privacy, either through its Privacy Policy or its jurisdiction.

To be completely secure, users should consider a VPN provider whose corporate headquarters are off shore to begin. Many jurisdictions are impervious to US and UK court orders. Comodo that is prominently located in the UK is not secure by definition.
Now for my say in the matter go to the TrustConnect website and see if you read anything about protecting user privacy and from what I have seen there is none, so this leads me to believe this information I have read above is true in every respect and that Comodo doesn’t really care about our privacy and just talks about it with just these words alone on their Home page of the site, 'Help keep your information private and secure with Comodo TrustConnect.

I think this is really pathetic, after all why do you think people want to use VPN in the first place? It is to protect their privacy and have some anonymity and feel safe and secure online and when you have a company like this merely talking about privacy as a sales pitch on their home page then this is really sad and should be the signal for you to see that sends up red flags to make you see it’s just a sales pitch and nothing more. In my eyes this doesn’t inspire much of a vote in confidence in using this service.

In FACT if Comodo does not put any information on their website stating exactly everything in detail over their policy on privacy as it regards to end-users then you should not use their service!

After all Comodo why should we use your service when you tell us you are offering privacy and it seems to not be the case?

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Comodo is a legitimate company which will respect the laws of the jurisdictions it operates within. That is what this says to me anyway. Protection of paedophiles and terrorists is not what I believe TrustConnect to be about.

And this is the answer!

all the criminals…go use something else pls…we will not help you!


Sorry you both are not understanding this correctly at all. This is not about supporting crime this is about protecting the privacy of people.

After all you say it right on the site, ‘Help keep your information private’. This is what we are talking about here, so what is that ‘Private’ and what is Comodo doing to ensure it? That is all I’m asking and that is all the information above is pointing out, that there seems to be a clear lack of information to tell the end-user about this in the means of a Privacy Policy on the website.

Perfectly respectful people and businesses deserve the right to privacy without anyone or any company, or government collecting any kind of information on them.

Since you are a business that deals in security you should clearly understand all the possible scenarios of collecting data on people and how this can pose a risk to those people, if their data should ever be compromised in some way.

Since Comodo does not post any Privacy Policy on their site how does the end-user know what you are doing since you don’t say it? What I am talking about is that many people will believe that if a company isn’t going to explain a detailed Private Policy on what you do, then they will possibly believe that you are going to spy and snoop on everything we do, watch every place we go and see all of our activities as if someone was almost sitting over our shoulders watching us.

Is it terrible for Comodo to have a Privacy Policy on your website to show people what you are doing for them to protect them with their privacy?


Is at the bottom of the page of TrustConnects Home Page” you can send any questions you have regarding the policy.

Just some friendly info


If the government has created law that we have to do that so that they can fight crime then we will do that.

the point you are missing is: This is a Law issue, dictated by local governments.

Yep, privacy upon using TC is nothing when serious forces like Law, Government involved. Still TC has its application. Moreover, afaik TC free subscription is one of the best from other alternate solutions (by speed/price).
For real privacy there is Tor.

Depending on who is operating the node. :wink:

I personally think the original post suggesting a user to look for options offshore for real security is a bit of a contradiction. So, you’re thinking the ability to operate without any government restrictions ensures your privacy? :o Since they’re “beyond the law”, they can do anything they want with your data because there is nothing that can be done if they decide to be malicious with it…

People will get over it. Google was given a lot of flack when they introduced Gmail. People assumed after reading the EULA that since Google had software crawling the users email that actual people at Google were reading their mail. Now Google is the golden child. :wink:

If you meant exit node. It does not matter if rule is followed: transmit names, numbers etc. (by filling out web forms etc.) ONLY when encryption (SSL etc.) is used, in other cases only browse.

This Privacy Policy is to Generalized to the overall company and all of it’s services and practices.

Since the VPN is something that is specifically targeted for ‘Privacy’ or at it, however you want to look at that, there should be a specific policy written up for this and placed on the Trust Connect site/page…

I’m not disregarding the law or the aspects of it, I’m merely saying that you need to have a specific policy, drafted, drawn, or written up for this purpose of outlining it ‘Exclusively’ for the Trust Connect service, not a generalized policy as it pertains to all of Comodo…

Also not just make it stated as it does to have people write to privacy[at]comodo for an understanding of this either, it needs to be on the Trust Connect site in writing.

I didn’t write that review and there are many more out there like it, simply because Comodo hasn’t drawn up a specific/exclusive policy targeted clearly at the Trust Connect service and what that policy simply does and written in a way beyond all the techno legalistic jargon, meaning plain English.

Write up a nice simple, easy to understand policy for Trust Connect so people can better see what you are doing and offering and you’ll clear the way a lot better for people to understand much better…

I guess I wasn’t explaining myself very well, I thought I did, so I hope this is clearer now…


DasFox you are even more paranoid than me. You think someone would like your credit card details? There are better methods for obtaining that, without going though all the trouble like Comodo does.

You seemed to have not read everything, or you’ve failed to see the bigger picture.

For starters this has nothing to do with anyone’s mental state of mind, especially mine, or just credt card information.

Have you been living under a rock for the past 2 years?

Here are some clues for you to type in Google to research if you care anything about your freedoms and privacy.

  1. European internet privacy laws

  2. internet privacy laws

  3. Homeland Security DNS;

  4. Freenet

  5. Darknet

A simple summary, you don’t strip away the rights, freedoms and privacy of the people in order to make things more secure, but the stupidity of people are doing just that believing that and it’s utter rubbish!

So now everyone out there has to log and keep an eye on you.

As stupid as this may sound it’s really the truth…

You can take a walk but we’re going to put a leeech on you so we can walk with you and watch you to make sure you don’t cause any problems.

If Comodo really cared about the privacy of the individual then Comodo would be actively involved in the politics of their country frighting to keep the people free and private, but I truthfully doubt they are, they’re just caving in like most cowards in most countries, going along like sheep taking the BS quietly like everyone else.

But we’ll see who has the balls when it gets really nasty in the next 5-10 years and who will stand and fight then, so laugh now while you can, we’ll see who’s laughing then…


If it is true, then Comodo just gives baloney to its end-users. Nothing special >:-D

Comodo needs someone like DasFox – brave and honest man with clear heart – to lead the struggle inside politics, while all cowards tremble.

Couple of details left unrevealed:

  • what’s going to happen in the next 5-10 ?
  • “stand and fight” against what/who ? (possibly against government)
  • what is aim of fight ? (possibly “unrestricted privacy for people”)

If you want to live in an organised society then you have to accept that you must give up some personal freedom for the good of that society. That is why we have laws; to regulate and control the balance between the personal freedom of the individual and the collective needs of society.

In an organised society everything is a trade-off between our rights as individuals and our need to cooperate to make the society work. The legal requirement for Comodo to disclose information that you consider private is one example of this.

If you want total privacy then the only way you will ever find that is by buying your own deserted island and living there in complete isolation.

Tony C.

Sorry to revive a dead topic but, as a wise man once said…

Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin