Wow I Fail XD

In call of duty world at war for the 360…i was playing ■■■■ zombie with my bro right? ok were on round 11…(now this part is sad…and i mean sad…worse than fail) i was killing hell hounds and i was about to die when i realized i had a trench gun (it kills the hounds in one hit) by the time i got it out…the hell hound hit me and i was dead…i had a freaking trench gun for 7 rounds and i didnt even realize it!! wtf…i fail…bad… XD >:( :smiley: :slight_smile: 88) :-[

Mhuahahahahahaha ;D

Well, that’s a fail indeed :wink:


LOL, have you considered posting that story to FML site? it’s perfect ;D