Would you like CPM brought back to life ?

I keep seeing fans of CPM lamenting it’s demise and being a big fan myself am interested to see if there’s a large number of users that’d like to see it’s continued development.

I voted no. Comodo has no time for such programs. Comodo should focus on security softwares…

I fully respect your viewpoint,however there are security related benefits to CPM to consider.

The ability to cleanly and completely remove PUP bundled software is of use to the user.

If a severe malware event requires restoring an earlier image or even a reinstall the self executing program backup facility can save a lot of inconvenience and time configuring and/or updating applications.

That said I started this to get an indication of user support (or not) for the CPM project,I’m admittedly a big fan so somewhat biased. :-TU

Yes!!! Please!!! This program not only installs/uninstalls programs, but makes stand-alone Installers for valuable, irreplaceable software.

Yes, please, definitely restore it to meaningful life and development. I had been happily using Revo Uninstaller for years with XP following a recommendation by one of your learned ones in this forum, but as you will know, it doesn’t work properly with x64bit Windows 7. (Unless it does work properly in the paid version? OK, maybe I’m being unfair to Revo, but it had been excellent in removing everything, and I am still dubious about how much Window’s own uninstaller removes).

And with all the other things that CPM does, it is a truly amazing program, especially being free, as in so many other Comodo programs.
So please Melih, bring it out of the cold Limbo of “Discontinued Products”, sort out the bugs, and make a lot of people very happy!

It’s a pity there are so few entries in this thread, it implies there is little interest, so how about sending a message to all Comodo products users asking for their view on this subject - you could be very surprised!

A very happy Comodo user.

I tried it several times. It was always buggy. I would prefer Comodo not to waste their time on it.

+1 :-TU

I have one thing to say sadly, i liked the program and saw many ppl showing love and recomendations, never had a problem till now, i am STILL waiting for support from comodo :frowning:

i dont believe their is no one to help out. last posts for support was in 2013 :,(

In my humble opinion, THE BEST INSTALLATION MONITOR on the market - free or pay !!
Unfortunately this statement holds only in the extent that the program works !
In my experience CMP monitor works ( superb ) only for first 10 - 15 installation , thereafter keeps on apparently monitoring installation but in facts it does’t produce new installation logs and new installation appear ‘not monitored’.


YES!!! I only joined this forum to answer this question (sorry) I’ve used CPM and have had relatively few problems with it. I love it.

I was looking forward to reinstalling this, to sadly see its not W8 compatible :frowning:

I voted yes, of course. I think a free program that monitors installs w/ 64 bit support is a unique and useful product. The DB Monitored was also a unique feature. Yes, it has some issues, but that’s why they should get back to work on it. I wouldn’t worry much about the lack of responses. Discontinued products are tucked out of the way in the forum. Most people wouldn’t even think to look here.

Oh, absolutely YES!

CPM is the ONLY good product I’ve ever found that can easily uninstall DRIVERS!

I prefer Revo Uninstaller Pro for application uninstalls and the like, but it is NOT very capable at all when it comes to uninstalling standalone drivers; for example drivers that were left remaining after an application or package is uninstalled.

For that, CPM is by far the greatest of them all!

Yes, of course! CPM was the best free uninstaller of the market!
Don´t forget to work in the installation databases as in the first versions and in the theme related to the restart situation after uninstallation of a program when this step is required to complete the uninstallation.

While buggy, this was a good program, that with work, would be quite the compliment to CIS! I voted yes, as this could be well worth the effort if tended to correctly.

I voted yes, this program is very useful.

 I voted YES - please bring this program back to life!

 One reason there are so few replies in this thread is that it is exceedingly difficult to find!  I looked through the board list several times for CPM, including archived boards, and still missed this area!  Only found it after putting "Comodo Program Manager" into search field.


Yes. :SMLR

It whas a ■■■■ good program , had features like realtime monitoring in realtime that normally come in paid products! I am for one hoping that devellopment will continue in the near future!!!