Would use this Chromium build in a flash BUT!!

The lack of a sidebar has been a dealbreaker since day one for all Chrome versions, I have recently started using Chrome+ as they have managed to incorporate a sidebar quite nicely. Any chance of Comodo doing this?


What’s a sidebar and what does it do?

It’s a much easier way to access your shortcuts/bookmarks.

Screenshot from Chrome+

And Firefox


You can have a bookmark sidebar in Dragon : click on Dragon logo top left, then bookmarks and click on show bookmarks bar. Now you have “other bookmarks” which appears on top right and from now you just have to click on it to make all your bookmarks appear.

Edit : more info on bookmarks here l https://forums.comodo.com/help-cd/setting-a-bookmark-t78142.0.html;msg558856#msg558856

Yes that has always been there, but lacks functionality.
– Does not stay open
– Does not remember last position
– Hovers over active webpage

This has been a deterrent for a lot of people please see below threads.


I have a bookmarks sidebar in Dragon, albeit the one I imported over from Firefox but it works just fine by using the star icon at top right to add new bookmarks to whichever folder I choose.

Are you guys referring to this? The default configuration really sucks.


ctrl-B to dock the bookmarks as a sidebar does not work… Still not going to use IceDragon until that is fixed.

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