Would have been much easier to build an adblocker without caring for Publishers

But we are not in the business of taking the easy route out nor in the business of being one sided if we can innovate to solve it for both parties.

PrivDog is designed with Privacy of the user in mind. Our DNA is about securing the user and his/her privacy. Advertising is an area unfortunately filled with companies who are motivated with money and they don’t seem to care much about user’s privacy or security.

There are many legitimate publishers who provide great content and use advertising as means to support themselves. It simply is not fair to let them suffer because Advertising industry is not behaving themselves.

We could have easily developed an adblocker…its a simple product…but that would have wrecked the legitimate publishers who rely on advertising as an income. Just not fair!

So after around 2 years of development and huge amount of innovation (maybe over 20 Patents pending) we were able to come up with an innovation that gave users Safety, Privacy, Speed of adblocking technology while not hurting the environment for publishers and still allowing them make money.

Its a win win for everyone!

And yes of course we will make money from this as well. Isn’t it great that the company whose DNA is about Your security makes more money so that they can continue to innovate and invest in products that make you safer! Its better than unmanaged advertising companies making money out of you without caring for your security. Our base line is about your security first! Everything else is second.

I agree that an ad blocker that blindly blocks everything is not good for the overall health of the internet. I have stopped using them for that reason. I will use PrivDog when it becomes available for IE since I like the way it works in Dragon.

Thank you!

IE version should be coming in number of weeks.

Please help us improve PrivDog by telling us what features you want in it.

thank you!


Can it block the “drive-by download” ?


Could you give us an example for better understanding?

Receive an example, thank you. We’ll try to find out what can be done.

How will Privdog be updated. with the Latest threats to block the bad ads that our out there.

Is it build in Privdog or will it be added soon, and will that be the same when Privdog comes out for I.E. as well.


Privdog site in the download section mentions for IE, FF & GC.

I think malvertisement lists will be updated realtime when you open your browser, but not sure ( also not sure if it will periodically update if your browser is left running 24/7 )

Also not sure … How will the extension itself update ?

In Dragon will that be a case of waiting for a new version of Dragon
Or will it periodically update just the extension

Same questions for other browsers too, Firefox / Chrome / Internet Explorer … and any extras which come along.

PS : Nigel, I saw your post on the malwaretips site - PrivDog is owned by Melih ( and also the AdTrustMedia site )
See reply #2 here by Melih https://forums.comodo.com/help-cd/privdog-and-ghostery-t96047.0.html
See reply #5 here by Melih https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-privdog/an-overview-to-privdog-view2-t96009.0.html

if drive by download was in the advertising…then yes.

it has auto update. but we will look into a more sophisticated update mechanism soon.

Will the same setting options that are in Dragon, also be available in IceDragon in the future?

hopefully…there might be different settings due to the nature of the product…but one thing for sure it will get more sophisticated…

OK thank you.
BTW it appears to be working well. :-TU

Yes, but it doesn’t work and then in a different place on the site, it says the IE version will be coming some time in the summer.

Your assumption was right, threat list updated when you open your browser and then in certain period of time it try to check for new version.

About PrivDog itself it will be updated automatically, when new version available, so you won’t need to wait for new CD version. And it must be so for all browsers version.

:slight_smile: Thank you.

Time to take the dog for a long walk, see what he sniffs out, and hopefully doesn’t need a vet’ afterwards.