Would BOClean be good on the family PC???

My parents and brother and sister all go on it. They don’t like programs with a lot of pop ups asking to allow or deny. Will this be safe to put on it??? For anti virus there is Norton (only anti virus program they are ok with being on it) and Spyware Terminator for real time. I want to have this as back up for ST and Norton.

I don’t see why not. Provided they’re not visiting malware sites and opening bogus emails, they shouldn’t see any popups (or certainlyn not any more than before). It’s not a HIPS to create noisy alerts on every application that runs. It will only alert the user if it removes malware.

In the configuration, you can select to “Permanently Hide tray icon and alerts” (if I remember correctly that’s what it’s called) and also to prevent any changes to configuration. If your family members do not have Administrator privileges (I hope not!) then this will prevent them from removing it, changing it, etc.

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I’ll add it. Is it compadable with Spyware Blaster? I noticed the HOST file option in BOClean.

TonyKlein has noted in another thread that it is, and I actually have both running. SwB will create a backup in the event everything gets hosed, so you can restore it. CBO will clear it out should you get infected (if you have the option checked), as it is frequently hijacked by malware. So from that standpoint, it’s good to have a clean version ready to restore…


I would say it is recommanded to install on family pc’s because not all users have the same sence of security as you. And who can clean up everything when de pc is infected ? Yes, you ! So it will be great backup for your anti virus.

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Will it not be too noticeable? My parents think that anti malware programs are bad and slow the computer down. I kinda have to sneak them on.

If you check the option to hide the icon tray and alerts, don’t show the update window, don’t show the startup screen, they shouldn’t know it’s there. CBO uses so few resources (right now using 3% on mine) that they shouldn’t notice it.

Not that I’m advocating hiding it from them; just saying that it should be very low-profile, low-key, and not cause them any problems.


If jou want to prevent any changes to the configuration and/or permanently hide traybar icon and alerts from Comodo BOClean please read this first :

[QUOTE]The fourth checkbox IS DANGEROUS! BE VERY CAREFUL HERE. The option to “Prevent any changes to configuration” settings is a one way street. If this box is checked and the configuration screen is closed, you will not be able to run the configuration dialog again! This button is intended for system admins to protect against user tampering with preconfigured settings. If you are “master of your domain” then you really do NOT want to check this box. Be warned. If you slip up and check this box and then close the configuration dialog, you will have to contact support@nsclean.com by email to learn the secret to re-enabling the configuration menu. You will be warned that this is an irreversible decision and given the opportunity to cancel this option before BOClean will accept it as a deliberate choice.

The fifth checkbox is ALSO DANGEROUS. Marked “Permanently hide traybar icon and alerts”, this option will allow you to completely hide BOClean from the screen and the end user. This option will also hide trojan warnings on the machine in question and set BOClean so that if malware is found, it will be quietly killed and removed without any indication to the end user that malware had been found and eliminated. This option is particularly useful for sites who do not want their end users to know that malware is being silently defeated and that BOClean is on the job. It is also HIGHLY recommended for unattended sites as it will suppress ALL on screen information, rendering BOClean invisible. Because the traybar icon and BOClean screens are hidden by this option, selecting this will also make BOClean’s configuration screen unavailable to the end user and should be carefully considered. As is the case with the “hide configuration” checkbox above, a warning will be delivered that this option is irreversible from BOClean’s configuration and the option is given to cancel this mode if selected. The fourth and fifth items, selected together are the recommended configuration for unattended servers. However these two checkboxes are NOT recommended for personal use of BOClean.
Greetz, Red.

Yikes. I’ll keep the tray icon but disable the start up one.

Installed it on family PC. I have only the thing near the clock showing. I’m not going to disable icons and alerts so they can’t see it. Then I won’t be able to find it. Anyways (B) great product. (V)