would be nice to see a CIS sandbox instruction video

I just thought it would be nice to see someone/Comodo post an instructional video on how to use sandbox/how it works instead of just a wall of text in the forums. I cant quite wrap my head around it yet and seeing it on vid would be a great help.

just a thought.

A video might be helpful. It’s a little easier to understand if you can get the concept of “Sandbox” out of your head. It isn’t a true Sandbox. Think of it this way. All unrecognized programs are run “Limited”. Most will work fine this way, but you will run into some that will give you fits. These troubled programs (that you know are safe) can be added to “My Own Safe Files” which should keep them from being “Limited”.

When you choose to run a program in the Sandbox, it is specifically Sandboxed (using the Sandbox directory on your C drive for the virtualized files).

Basically, most programs on your machine are given limited access (for greater protection) and you may have to specifically permit some for their total compatibility in running.

This is how I’ve come to understand it. If I’m wrong in the concept, I’m sure someone will set me straight.

BTW, head wrapping doesn’t work, I’ve tried it! ;D

oh, so its more like a litter box than a sandbox.

I agree that the term “sandbox” may not be the best term for this functionality in CIS. It is a sandbox per se., but it’s not a sandbox as most Windows users expect.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Mouse1 made a useful tutorial explaining about how Comodo’s sandbox works. The link is in my signature.

Keep in mind that Comodo just started with the sandbox. Rome, and also Sandboxie, were not in built in one day (I hope this Dutch phrase translates … 88) ).

Thank you, you made my day.


yes it does. we say the same in Italy :wink:

Yep Rome was built in half a day :D.

People now want instant results! Who cares about the process it’s the end that counts and not the method :smiley:

Umm just joking around

Well here you all go. Rome was indeed built in under a day. It says so right here on the interweb.

You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the web…;D O0

Some say the newspaper too …(but you don’t hear that from me) ;D

You should only believe Comodo staff and Global Moderators… 88) :smiley: >:-D O0

Someone once told me you should believe the weather forecast in the papers, but how can you believe in a profession where it’s OK to be 40% right, 30% of the time. :smiley:

I think FBI agent Mulder in the TV series The X files had a poster or a T shirt saying I want to believe.

Believing in so called Economic science brought the financial system at the brink of a collapse, that got bailed out by simple ■■■ tax payers…

If that is science… :-\ :-X ??? >:( :frowning: :o 88) >:-D

Oh wait, these people had at least a master’s degree…