WOT and Linkscanner possible?

I have been doing some research of different browser aids. From WOT to AVG linkscanner. What I would like to see from comodo is a module in CIS that combines the usefulness of a service like WOT and the realtime scanning of webpage exploits that AVG offers. Comodo could partner with a list provider like malware patrol then add their own technologies that check each page for active threats as you surf to it. What do you guys think?

I think this is a awesome idea…I hope the devs look!

+1 :-TU

There is already something similar to LinkScanner : https://forums.comodo.com/siteinspector/siteinspector-free-web-version-t63953.0.html

I like AVG linkscanner, some bugs but really efficient against exploits which i have tested :-TU Same for WOT, i use it since somes years even if it is only a indication :-TU

I saw that live link scanner, so it is like AVG linkscanner, now all they need to add to it is a good list of known bad websites and such, basically they should partner with someone that already has a list and up keeps it and has it going for a while. That is why I said malware patrol http://www.malware.com.br/ they have been around since 2005 and are still going strong.

yes i known this site “malware br” but don’t known if it is the best.

I always liked Finjan Vital Security, but unfortunately development has stopped on this addon. The company was bought by another company and is using their technology on corporate level security software.

The IE version still works, but the Firefox version doesn’t work on the newer version of the browser without tweaking the maximum version number.


Web Protection Module in CIS

Ratings in Search

Realtime Scan of Search Links

I would also like to see Comodo Secure DNS in this Module. Instead of changing the DNS in the systems, this malware domain blocking service should be implemented in this module. Like Forticlient, they have this service in the product itself. No DNS changing like Comodo or Browser Toolbar like Norton.


Again, i made some pictures.
They aren’t beautiful but should show my idea.

3 lines of protetion from malicious websites:
1.DNS servers(malware)
2.Site Inspector (exploits)
3. Reputation

When Site is clean and has got 3clear points(no malware, no exploits, good reputation) then site is safe :


when one of three*[see below] conditions is met, then site is suspicious.


(sorry, it failed,horrible picture :P)

When there is 2 or 3 danger points then site is unsafe:


Here is explanation:


What do you think?(don’t rate quality of pics&language) :slight_smile:

There will be only status bar, but when you click on it you will see small window with those 3 points of safety.

When site get 2 points of safety, but get danger point for malware is classified as unsafe.

And ‘report’ option

smoething like this:

you can report site, rate site - this will make reputation


So basically you want a Comodo version of WOT. :slight_smile:

Maybe something similar :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked for something like this years ago on this forum! :frowning:

It can be a good addition layer of protection.

Valentin N

I would like a add-on more like Mcafee siteadvisor than WOT.
I prefer some experts analysing the code of a site than users to do that.

And just like Valentin said It can (and would) be a good addition to the protection layer.

+1 for Valentin

Comodo dragon could take some online scanners and add them for multi scan when a downloaded file is finished.

Valentin N

I disagree. It’s a waste of resources to scan a file after downloading with the AV, Dragon is no different. Why have it do something that is unnecessary and does not actually increase your systems security?

to increase the detection ratio but yea it’s true that it would be a waste of resources.

Avast Copy my idea!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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