Worth a look

I’ve been using this/these Add-on(s) for awhile and Disconnect is better and surely more trustworthy than Ghostery. The author was an executive in charge of Google advertising among other things. Like I said worth a look. It’s also for other browsers and a couple more coming soon. The author whose name escapes me has video on YouTube explaining the principles of the add-on(s). One thing I can say is it will boost your browser load times.

Also take a look at Disconnect Search.


does it work with ducduckgo ixquick etc (and vpn ?) ? i agree with you about ghostery/abine.

PrivDog with https anywhere is enough !
If you want to search anonymously on google just use startpage.com, it does the same thing with no apps installed !

edit: just checked it…and after a few test im far more satisfied with PrivDog then disconnect !
Disconnect uses enormous amount of memory for less stuff (checked on numerus websites news, it info, car…etc etc)

PrivDog is far superior !

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Far superior at what ? Disconnect is not just an ad filter.

Hey merke, Disconnect Search supports ducduckgo not startpage or ixquick.

I won’t use my time to explain how PD works, but obviously you didn’t even make an effort to educate yourself.

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That is two opposite point of view : promoting an add_on with the title "worth a look " and obtaining a negative result and worst , another better choice (privdog) is, in a way, funny.

Now the question is : is it worth for everyone (e.g. does it work in Russia or Japanese island or Holland ?) - i mean that there is limits in every add-on (abine site spoke about that … ).
I do not know Privdog but i read on their site that malware can also be blocked so it can be the right choice.

About ixquick/startpage/ddg and https, it is the minimum.

Of course, i will follow -reading your post- your advice Mark1 and i thank you to have shared it here.

[you didn’t even make an effort to educate yourself.]
Thx sAyer, your topic helped me to educate myself.

Fair Enough. I have never used PrivDog. Disconnect is designed to prevent third parties from tracking your movements. Where as far I can tell Privdog blocks ads and scripts and protects your privacy from only the ads it’s designed to detect. I can see no where that Privdog protects from Cross-Site Requests tracking other than from ads. Maybe it does.

Either way to each his own. :wink:

“Disconnect” sounds like the most secure choice to me. As long as it’s “disconnect from the internet”. >:-D

Kind regards, REBOL.

Still, Ghostery might be a rather good thing done by obviously bad people, by the way. As long as you disable their “ranking” option, of course.

I’d rather stick with combining AdBlock Plus (“acceptable ads” disabled, for the sake of it) and NoScript, though.

Kind regards, REBOL. :slight_smile:

Not to much !


Kind regards, REBOL.

I think without a doubt that Disconnect (open source) is the better option than the cloud of mystery and uncertainty that is Abine and Ghostery. For you to even show a chart created by Abine to boast the quality of their own addon ?

On what exactly ?

It’s not so hard to intercept incomming connections to browser to see what is blocked and what not.
I used to believe in open source but in last few years open source is abused much more then closed source soft vs end user.