Worrying experience with Tech Support

Ok I purchased an yearly subscription of CIS package, which included Geekbuddy.
I had a virus issue today which the antivirus software did not solve on its own. So I connected to techsupport aka Geekbuddy.

What can I say, it was very strange. It took 2 attempts to get the issue sorted (at least aprarently). But the weirdest thing was the commucation with the agent. They followed some standard procedure and wanted to get rid of me asap. I however, asked them to wait for a clean scan. At some point, when the prob seemed to be okay the guy started to get pushy with a special offer. There was no way to dissuade him, but I let him go on to see how far he would get. When I asked, is the proble fixed he said yes, but (and this was in the middle of me declining the offer) he said, but “now your browser is infected”. He refused to give me any feedback on that such “infection” nor to explain why that wasnt reported in the scan. He kept saying the only way out was to purchase Geekbuddy software because this problem was out of bounds of my current subscription. He couldnt explain this either (my understading is all viruses issues have to be covered). This was blatant extorsion, not a hardsell. It felt like being stuck with a corrupt cop you go for assistance and it ends up screwing you up. Anyway, just to vent my spleen. I’ve seen I’m not the only one who went through this since it’s standard procedure, so you can guess whether or not I’ll be staying with this beautiful people for another year!

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Same thing happened to me. Here’s the chat log. It reminded me of the time a car dealer said he wanted to value our used car for a trade-in and then he put is up on the hydraulic lift and made us sit there for a long time and listen to a hard sell. He held the car hostage thinking we’d cave and buy a new one. We never went back there! Also, every time I open Comodo ISC a message pops up saying “Your subscription includes GeekBuddy. You will have licensed technicians who are always available via chat and phone to assist you with ANY computer issues you have.” The all-caps “ANY” is in the actual message.

02:35:20 PM Jacob : I can see in comodo accounts that you have subscribed only to COMODO Internet Security Complete version and you have missed to subscribe for a Geekbuddy addon Pack as our existing customers. Geekbuddy addon pack is mandatory to get unlimited Geekbuddy support for all Windows issues. Just with COMODO Internet Security, you will be getting only virus removal support from the Geekbuddy support.

02:35:51 PM Jacob : If you need full support you have to subscribe geekbuddy
02:36:08 PM Jacob : If you lile to subscibre I will provide offer for you
02:36:13 PM Timothy Watterst : how much
02:36:22 PM Jacob : Shopping Cart
02:37:48 PM Jacob : Pleae go ahead
02:37:55 PM Jacob : For 3 years just $71.00
02:38:06 PM Jacob : Normal price is $199.95
02:38:32 PM Timothy Watterst : Do I have to pay now for today’s issue to be resolved? Thanks.
02:38:36 PM Jacob : No
02:38:43 PM Jacob : But you will not get this offer again
02:39:04 PM Timothy Watterst : What does this offer provide that is different than what I have?
02:39:32 PM Jacob : You have only comodo internet security and geekbuddy only for product related issue and virus removal
02:39:59 PM Timothy Watterst : So this would add support for Windows issues?
02:40:03 PM Jacob : yes
02:40:39 PM Timothy Watterst : I will consider it but not today. Thank you.
02:40:47 PM Jacob : You will not get this iffer
02:40:50 PM Jacob : Offer
02:40:57 PM Jacob : Pleae go for one or 2 year
02:41:26 PM Timothy Watterst : No thank you.
02:41:34 PM Jacob : Okay
02:41:40 PM Jacob : I am not trying to sell you anything additional. I am suggesting you what is mandatory for your PC Security.
02:42:54 PM Timothy Watterst : So I have to buy that for Comodo to work?
02:43:05 PM Jacob : No
02:43:14 PM Jacob : You have support for comodo related issues
02:43:24 PM Jacob : I will support to fix comodo issue
02:43:38 PM Jacob : I am speaking about other windows and priter issues
02:43:48 PM Timothy Watterst : Is today’s problem a comodo issue?
02:43:57 PM Jacob : yes
02:44:20 PM Jacob : Option is yours
02:45:03 PM Timothy Watterst : If you can fix today’s problem I will consider it but not today.
02:45:14 PM Jacob : Okay. I can understand
02:45:24 PM Jacob : But you will not get offer is that okay for you
02:45:39 PM Timothy Watterst : Yes. That is okay.

Support should NEVER try to be sales people, it’s a totally different skill.

When I was the Comodo Support Manager I would not have allowed support personnel to sell services… There used to be online sales people that handled sales, and support could transfer the chat to them.

I just wanted to add that I have a paid subscription also and was approached in the same manner. Trying to sell me a 3 year subscription and some other type of deal. When I said no thank you about 10 times , the representative said to me and I quote Oh I see you just don’t have the money. I tried the live chat and that was a mess.