hi guys,
my father just bought a flashdisk (containing wav/mid music) from a music instrument store. and guess what ===> detection : Worm/Autoruner.CD :o
i wanna know if that’s really a malware, does anyone know?


when in doubt, burn the disk

unfortunately it’s my father’s disk >:( .
i want to quarantine the file but i’m afraid that it’s just an FP. beside, the disk is used for a keyboard.
it won’t infect a keyboard, right? … RIGHT? :o

dunno. haven’t been infected in a loooooooooooooooong time

Why not send it to Comodo or vendor to analyze and/or the usual jotti and virus total scanning sites?

that’s what i was gonna do, but my dad’s pretty excited about his new disk and took it away.

Then copy it to your computer or external disc if you’re that paranoid and insist that you love that music as well. I’m sure he’ll understand (:slight_smile:

let see if i can find my dad :smiley: . hey, i think there’s a problem with “show new replies” ? it’s not working.

Mine’s perfect.

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