Worlwide Guarantee


Since many months, it has been discussed that the “virus free” guarantee its also available worldwide.

Why then, in this new release (the latest one) it stated that the guarantee is limited only to US residents? :-\

There is still no official documentation or collateral that supports the “worldwide guarantee”.

A Melih’s official letter (with original signature) will do it. :wink: :smiley: :-TU

Funny, no words from COMODO.

That says it all. They dont want to make the Guarantee Worldwide or take the written responsibility.

Sad, because Melih and others said that the Guarantee is made Worlwide, but its not written anywhere.

Melih… ?
Someone in Comodo from the +700 employees?

At least one Moderator, then?

Should I start a HOT TOPIC for a reaction? :THNK

This would be a Melih question. Have you tried a PM?


ok let me pass this on to our guys…

And Thank You too HeffeD!

Hopefully to get an answer soon. :wink:

Any words about this Mr. Melih Abdulhayoglu?