World record

Post your biggest score.Here is mine ;D

I think it’s world record. ;D

When I was into collecting malwares (version 3.9 something) I did a scan vs 72001 files.

68406 items was found… I believe… ;D :-TU

The scanner crashed when I pressed view results so I guess there were some bug… Hopefully gone by now. =)

I rarely see anything even close to double-digit. I would expect anyone associated with the Malware group to post large number sets as they routinely search for these critters.

How could it possibly find that many threats unless they were purposely put there? I do full scans and never find anything. Not even FP’s. Plus, I have very close to the same amount of items that get scanned and it takes half the time yours says. My system is nowhere near top of line as you can see in my sig and the HDD is only 5400 RPM. I have nothing in exclusions either except what CIS puts there by default.

Yes, they were purposely put there for testing.I have never seen before that much threats in one scan. ;D