world of warcraft problem

This application has encountered a critical error:
Not enough storage is available to process this command.
Program: C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
Object: .E
Requested 990208 bytes of memory

The game itself crashes me to desktop.
This keeps reoccuring since i installed the firewall, installed it on second computer and same thing. so i know that it is caused by the firewall. Any ideas/suggestions on why this is happening. I cant be the only one.

You can try to set WoW as a trusted application under defense+ and if you are using v4 disable the sandbox and see if that works.

I’ve been playing WoW for over 5 years and I don’t have that happening any more often than it did before I started using CIS. If you’re on v4, I would suggest putting D+ in Clean PC mode, definitely disabling the sandbox, and deleting all the rules you have for WoW’s files and then putting both the Firewall and D+ in training mode. Start up the game and play for a few minutes, zoning to different areas and into battlegrounds or instances. Then exit the game, put D+ in Clean PC and the Firewall in Safe mode. You should be fine after that except for when the next update comes along. You wiil have to respond to a couple of D+ alerts which you should click allow for and even set the files that caused the alerts to trusted apps or installers/updaters.
In NO case should the sandbox ever be enabled if you play WoW or the Steam games.

You also should add Blizzard to the Trusted Vendors list. In my case, it wouldn’t allow me to use the exe files in their usual location to add Blizzard Entertainment. I had to copy one of them (Wow.exe or Launcher.exe) to another place like My Documents and use it from there. Why this happens I have no idea except that it did not occur with any version of CIS prior to v4. It’s like Comodo, instead of adding this hugely popular game to the whitelist, has semi-blacklisted it instead. At least that is the effect whether intentional or not. Any file in the World of Warcraft folder on your Hard Drive is now seen as invalid and shows up as a file that needs to be purged from the rule sets no matter how many times you do purge it and it gets readded.

Thanks for the response. I will try out these suggestions later and will post my results so others who have this problem can see how successful i was :slight_smile:

So i just ditched norton today after a year of slow boots and hoggin resources and making life SLOOOWWWWWW. comodo was the best recommendation after searching a lot of reviews and info.

so i put it in and started up wow… pew pew death to wow. especially trying to run around dalaran, forget it!

basically the same crash - try to allocate some memory to something while in-game and BAM dead wow. really sucked til I found this thread.

For sure disable the sandbox and dont let launcher or wow.exe run in the sandbox. and to be safe (assuming you’ve already scanned, updated, and cleaned your dirty pc) you run in Clean mode and you are golden.

no crashes thus far- thanks for the tips it worked for me!