works at work but not at home?

I installed Comodo today and it worked fine at work with a LAN. Now at home using my wireless card I can not connect to the internet unless I turn comodo off. I have tried to create a new zone did everything I could think of but can not make it work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I guess I can’t complain much, the program is free. But what good is it if I can’t even connect to my own Local Network anymore unless I turn this program off. I had it working once but now can not get it to work at all.

I have done everything I can, read all I can and still it does not work. Is there someone here that can give some simple steps on how to set this program up??

Thank you in advance.

Make sure all of the ALLOW rules in Network Monitor are above the BLOCK rules. The rules are read from top to bottom. You would need one set of Trusted Network rules for work and another set of Trusted Network rules for your home LAN. Each card should have it’s own set of rules.

Ok, now let’s try something. Does the connection work with the firewall set to “Allow All”? Right-click on the firewall system tray icon and choose “Allow All”. If it doesn’t connect then it is something else. You might have to go into Windows and manually connect to the wireless yourself.

If it does connect then set the firewall back to Custom and clear the log, then try connecting again. Once it doesn’t connect then right-click the log and choose “Export HTML” and save the file so you can find it. When you post it here use “Additional Options” below the text window so we can have a look at it. You may have to convert it to a text file or you can zip it. Sometimes HTML files won’t post.



I did create a Trusted Site for both work and home. And I did have it working at both places. However, tonight when I came back home it did not work at home again. Then eventually my wireless card stopped working and it did not work even after I unistalled Comodo. I will take your advice and install the program back in my computer.

Thank you for your help.

Steve Murphy

By the way Welcome to the Forum,

I figured you had already done the rules stuff. Was just making sure.(keeps the posts to a minimum.

Please let us know if you get it running or not.