Working with Profiles

Hello, new to CB and trying to get setup.

I defined an initial profile, P_Full_Files, to backup a P drive with files for software development. For this purpose I have lots of filters to exclude build output (exe, dll, object files, other temps, zips, etc…). The full backup works fine (I think - haven’t tried to restore).

Now I want a profile to do an incremental/differential backup. Some questions:

  • Is there any way to duplicate a profile, like copy/paste? I don’t want to retype all the filters.

  • When I edit the initial profile, the information for steps 1 and 3 is there, but step 2 only shows "Network", not my actual destination. Is this WAD or a bug?

  • What is generally recommended - incremental or differential?


If you are a software developer, you have much more to worry than just backup.

You need Subversion.