Work Offline?

I’m not 100% sure this is to do with comodo but it started around the same time I installed comodo.

I have broadband(modem usb connected to pc) and I find that now if I leave my pc for 5 -10mins and come back and try to continue browsing or check e-mail I get and pop up box saying “work offline - no connection to the internet is currently available… click try again to attempt to connect” I click try again and everything works as normal.

Is anyone familiar with this weirdness?

Hi browncoat
See if this link helps

Let us know how you go


Thanks for the link Sullo, all fixed and so simple…

Click on Start>Settings>ControlPanel>InternetOptions>Connections>LanSettings. Select “Automatically Detect Settings” and click on OK.

Good to hear, the simple fixes are always the best.