won't install

I have tried to install comodo from different sites but only get so far.a box come’s up,
this installation dos’e not support target platform.i click ok it goe’s off that’s it.i can’t get any farther .

Hi gandolf, welcome to the forums.

Which version of CIS are you trying to install (the set-up name would be good) & which OS do you have?

Hi Kail i don’t know what cis is i am downloading it from c-net and i assume it’s the latest vrersion.
my os is windows 7.any help.

Hi gandolf, sorry what I meant was, what was the CIS set-up filename that you downloaded from CNet? Also can you confirm if you have x32 or x64 Windows 7. Thanks.

Hi Kail i have 32bit system.as to the rest i feel a fool,but i have just spent half an hour trying to find out what cis setup filename means,and i still don’t know.so if you don’t answer again i will understand.thanks for trying.

No problems… don’t worry. What was the filename that you downloaded from C-Net? The one you later ran, which produced the “installation does not support target platform” message.

Have you tried downloading and installing it from here:

After clicking ‘Free Download’ you merely need to click download.

If this also won’t install then instead of installing the 32 bit version select to download the ‘Universal Windows Web Installer’.

Please let us know if neither of these will install either. Thanks.

I think he is merely asking for the name of the file that you downloaded to install Comodo Internet Security (CIS). From this we should be able to tell which version you attempted to install.

Morning Kail. i think i might have something you can work with.CIS 4.0 cis setup x86msi.
also tried again this morning,got this. thanks also Chiron.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is there anything in the Windows Event logs that corresponds to the CIS set-up failure?

Also was this generated by the Universal Windows Web Installer, that Chiron mentioned, or was this the CIS set-up that you downloaded from C-Net?

Are you sure your computer’s not infected. Please do a scan with the two programs here:
How to check if your computer is infected

I’m just covering all the angles. Don’t worry they don’t take long to scan.

MOrning (well it is here) Kail Chiron.i tried all you suggested and it still didn’t work, so i tried installing in 64bit format.it went on a treat.i don’t realy understand why.i thought i was on 32bit. as i said i am on windows 7 so dose’ it install both,i havn’t a clue.anyway it’s working ok ,
so thanks again to both of you ,it’s a pleasure and a comfort knowing you are out there.


Hi gandolf

Although the W7 installation disk might contain both the x32 & x64 installs, I don’t think it would install both (easily, or even with difficulty). I believe the W7 licenses between x32 and x64 are different anyway (different keys). But, in any event, that’s really good news. :-TU :slight_smile: