Won't complete full system scan

Any idea why I can’t get a full system scan to complete? Keeps showing not completed on the summary window.


More details please.

What CAV version?
What other security related processes to you have running?
How far through the scan does it actually get?
Does it always appear to get “stuck” in/on the same folder?

Only other security is Commodo Firewall, Ewido Anti-Spyware (which I disabled to check), and AVG anti-virus (disabled completely, including any running processes). Tried a complete uninstall-reinstall no luck. Scan does seem to hang at the same location…a large folder with many of my powerpoint presentations used in school. Any ideas?



There are some files CAVS might not like… can you pls check to see at which file its getting stuck pls.


Have not been able to pin down what file it’s hanging on (the report just shows “scan terminated”) but heres what I have been able to determine:

  • My Computer Scan or Scan All Fixed Drives hangs on either my School Folder (with powerpoints) or My Documents and Settings\My Documents Folder…if I exclude them from the scans it works fine. Unless your program picks up something other AV/Spyware doesn’t these folders have passed previous scans many times in the past with no problems.

  • If I do a Folder Scan of these folders either by right click on folder or through the Summary window in CAV it runs a scan of these folders just fine.

  • Also, the program ERDNT.exe shows as a virus.dos.hllo.f (unable to fix) even though its a legit Emergency Recovery Utility for NT/2K/XP that does a backup-restore for the registry.

For the time being I’m excluding the problem folders…this won’t prevent the resident-active component of CAV from flagging/popping up an alert on anything suspect correct?

Thanks for your program and help on this issue.


Question…forgot to ask in previous post. Does CAV protect-warn against attempted changes to the Registry?



hmm would it be possible to send those files in that folder to us (the ones that CAV gets stuck on?) we would really appreciate it.

Also false positive: can you pls submit it to us explaining its a false positive pls.

Current version does not have the ability to check for registry modifications however there is a new app coming up soon called Comodo Behaviour Blocker that blocks bad behaviour! (Its a dream come true for every parent with a teenager! :slight_smile: ) (Sorry teenage user/readers, the fact that you are reading this means you are a really really good teenager and this wont’ apply to you :slight_smile: )

With that BB you will be alerted as well as alerted to many other behaviours that are used by spyware/malware.



Thanks for input.

Afraid it would be a bit much to send the folder (8.5 GB) which hung up on the Full Computer Scan but will try to pin down which program-file if possible over the next few days.

Updated the ERDNT Emergency Registry Util Program and it passes the scan just fine without a false alert so guess thats a non-issue.

Since you are combining the Anti-Virus and Spyware wouldn’t it be also useful to incorporate the “Bad Behavior” (program attempt to change the registry)?


Yes indeed!


Hi, everybody!

I have the same problem with the latest version of the antivirus, when performing a full system scan only. It hangs when entering (apparently) a folder containing a bunch of MS Word DOC files. I mean, the upper textbox of the scan window points to the name of that directory, not to a certain file in it. Scanning that folder by itself (i.e. not as part of a full sys scan) everything works just fine. So there’s none of the DOC files I can suspect to be the cause of this behaviour. Even weirder, the folder in cause is just a copy (something like a local back-up) of another folder with the same name and contents on the first partition of my HDD, but on another partition of the same disk. During the full system scan, the antivirus passes through the folder on the first partition with no problem, but stops when gets to the same folder on the second partition. And I’m saying “stops” and not “hangs” because I can stop the scan the normal way (pressing the appropriate button).

With all the deserved gratitude for the free COMODO software and with all appreciation for the contribution of all the forums’ members, even keeping in mind that this is a beta version, I cannot agree with the point of view that a piece of software has “some files it doesn’t like”. Less features in free software? Well, one has to live with that. Lack of functionality in free software? No way!


OK, re-done the full system scan. This time my system hung AFTER closing the stopped antivirus window. No response to any key or mouse button. Not even Ctrl-Alt-Del did work. Hard reset was the only solution. Otherwise, the same behaviour: scanning stopped at the same folder as in my previous attempts.

I find COMODO software extremely appealing (I installed and successfully configured the firewall), but in my opinion (I’m not an expert in the IT field!) the antivirus has a long way to go until it will be a reliable program. As long as I cannot completely trust my security vectors, I cannot trust anything in any of my systems!

And as I chose COMODO as I always use programs coming from the same source for tasks in the same field (antivirus - antispam - antispy - firewall, in this case) and all the firewall reviews were extremely positive, things shall go back the same way: COMODO will be out of my system later today… Although I really appreciate the message of the free security software from COMODO, this (security) is a too sensitive point to be cheap: I rather pay a fully functional and trustworthy program than wait for the unwanted to strike!

Anyway, the idea sustained by COMODO is excellent and I congratulate the firm and its CEO for it! Although I cannot benefit of it for the time being, I do believe it has a great future! So, thank you for allowing me to fully test your software and… keep the good work up!



You are a true gentlemen.

We will work on improving the product so that u can use it asap.

thank you for your support

Hey Teo,

Thank you for your kind words and for testing these products. Comodo appreciate the effort that all their users put in, testing, evaluating and providing feedback on their software.

While it would be nice if one vendor could provide a total end to end security layer, IMHO, you may be doing a disservice to yourself in removing CPF because CAVS doesn’t yet measure up. CAVS has a way to go yet, but it will get there. CPF, on the other hand, is, in my opinion, the finest personal firewall available for the Window Platform.

Regardless of what anti virus and/or anti spyware product you end up choosing, please reconsider using CPF as the foundation of your security layer. The better the foundation, the more solid a structure can be be built on it, and CPF is simply the best.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I just installed the Comodo packages on a brand new laptop. In scanning with the antivirus package, I also experienced a hang on a file that contained a very large PowerPoint file (many graphics, links, etc.). After reading the related postings, I removed ppt from the files to be scanned and, this time, the scan was successfully completed.

Just another data point for the Comodo folks.

Steve Shank


I had the same problem when trying out CAVS a few months back. The problem was that my powerpoint file was corrupted. As far as I remember, I did a Command Line Scan to determine which file it hangs on then I opened the Powerpoint file, Saved as something else like soandso1 and then deleted the original file and renamed the one I just saved. Problem fixed! CAVS does sometimes hang a little on Powerpoint files that may be corrupted. If you save them again it seems to resolve the problem. Haven’t had any other problems since.


This bug is fixed and it is being tested. It will go through updates after successful testing.

Hi All,
The CAV scan engine hang problem is fixed now. It is available through updates v1.1.0.9 . Pl get this updates and try again. Also pl let us know the result.