Wonderware InTouch doesn't start with antivirus installed

I have installed application (SCADA software) from Wonderware (Invensys) - InTouch (window maker and windows viewer). Before installation Comodo anitivirus it has been worked correctly. After installation of comodo antivirus (no other antivirus is installed) this application doesn’t start correctly. There is nothing new in windows system log, application starts (process could be found in task manager) but doesn’t appears any window. The application installation folder (including subfolders) is excluded from antivirus scan.
After deinstallation of antivirus its possible again start InTouch applications correctly.

Any idea, please?

Do you have HIPS enabled or disabled in CAVS?

What other security software are you using?

Hallo, thanks for your response

There is Comodo Firewall installed with Defense+ disabled. When firewall is disabled (I have firewall service stopped as well) no change could be found in starting InTouch applications.

I’ve not used Wondwerware InTouch myself. Try changing the Defense+ rule for each as “Trusted” and see if that resolves your ussue.


A couple things you could try…

Depending on what OS you have installed, you might be running into either the OS firewall, or DEP (Data Execution Prevention)… or perhaps the Comodo software, which I am not familiar with (but I see you are in good hands there…!!)

Let’s start with the most likely… (DEP)

DEP is technology that helps prevent malicious code from running on a system, and is a part of WinXP SP2 and Win2K3 Server. By default, it is turned on, but typically will throw a prompt at you when it is activated.

Go to the Control Panel, click on the System icon, then go to the Advanced tab.
On the Advanced tab, select Performance Settings… the on the popup select DEP

There are two options here:
1: Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs
2: Turn on DEP for all programs

There is also an area for you to allow excetions if you choose option #2

You can either choose option #1, which protects your OS… or option #2 which protects ALL applications, but you must then allow for the exceptions of ALL the Wonderware executables (view.exe, wm.exe, alarmmgr.exe, hd.exe, spcpro.exe just to name some)

I say take what’s behind door #1… in my humble opinion.

Second possibility… the firewall (either the OS or Comodo) may be preventing the application from starting, although this typically isn’t what firewalls do. Wonderware has on its Support website a utility that will insert port exceptions into the firewall, but again a firewall just blocks ports from communicating, not API’s from executing.

As for anti-virus… again, I contend that an AVS should not prevent an API from executing, but we do publish a Technote that suggests which directories you should exempt from “real-time” file scanning. The files in this directory change frequently, and performance may be affected if everytime a file changes the AVS tries to scan it.

There are other things, unrelated to Firewall and AVS configuration that may prevent InTouch from executing, such as memory space allocation. The AVS may have been installed in the same memory location as InTouch, which affects HEAP allocation. If this is the case, then we have some issues… but this is only likely on much older Operating Systems.

You could try to re-install InTouch again, after the install of Comodo… and this might overwrite the location.

Sorry to bloviate… and I hope this helps. WW tech support can help you as well, and if you hit a brick wall I’ll try to remember this forum, or you can find me on Wonderware’s Support Forum as well.

Good Luck