wmplayer.exe not closing

Day before Yesterday i noticed that ,after i have closed Windows Media Player.Still it is running.There was 3 wmplayer.exe using 31 % ,27% 30%…like that.When i end the process,nothing happens.It is still there.Restart is the only way…Then after restarting i just played something on windows media player and closed it.Once again it was running.This time there was one wmplayer.exe using 50 %.

This is not any virus,spyware…Nothing suspicious.

I thought i could uninstall.Windows media player is preinstalled software in XP.In add or remove programs,i selected add or remove windows components,When i selected on Windows media player in that list,it was mentioned as – adds or removes access to Windows Media Player from the start menu and desltop.But how to uninstall ?

Anyway,i clicked next and something hapenned,i dont know ? was going on.It said to restartd and i did.Then now i wanted to test.I played something on Windows media player and closed it.This time it was not running in process.I tested it again also…So I thought the problem is solved.

Yesterday Again after i have closed Windows Media Player.Still it is running.There was 2 wmplayer.exe using 50 % each…

Now iam using Windows Media Player,didnt closed yet.Already it is using 50 %

Any solution for this ?

Does that mean you are using the Windows Media Player that was shipped with XP ???

Dunno, but try using the latest version 11 - from the Microsoft site.

Yes,Windows Media Player that was shipped with XP .Ok, i will try the latest version 11…

Iam using WMP version 9 / XP

There was no uninstall file for WMP 9,So i deleted it manually coz there was no uninstall file seen in add/remove programs or neither inside windows media player folder.(Some softwares has uninstall file inside their folder)…I download WMP10 setup file.When i opened , it said something like…it is not compatible to this windows.So once again i downloaded that same WMP9.I thought may be problem gets solved.2 times i opened and exited WMP9.It was fine.But the 3rd time,once again it started to remain in process after closing also and using 50 % CPU.

After i deleted manually,i used CCleaner to clean.WMP didnt reappeared.
I forgot onething,that is…There are always different products for anything.I have tried different products for other softwares i use, to see which is the best.But I forgot about other media player.

So i downloaded the old Windows media player classic.Just i wanted to see if it uses 50 % CPU.I opened and exited it 2 times.It didnt used 50% CPU.Windows media player classic is old and it cant play many different files.Anyway,i just downloaded it.Iam going to download VLC player.

I wanted to paste an image in MSpaint.When i opened ,nothing hapenned.But inj the process Mspaint was running using 50 %.And 3 days before i was burning CDs using nero 8.Two cds burned successfully.When i was trying to burn the 3rd cd,nero was not responding properly.In the process,nero 8 was using 50% CPU…All i do is…Ea ch time restart when any program uses 50 % CPU or more,because when i click end process, they remain still.So it was not the fault of windows media player.Hmm…something fishy. :o

Something is causing some programs to use 50 % CPU…

Any solution ?

You mentioned you downloaded WMP10, however the latest is WMP11.
Also, something about not being compatible. ???

Have you updated Windows with the latest SP’s and updates?

You may have something conflicting as you mentioned.

See how VLC goes.

Erm… sorry if I am not much help.

VLC goes fine.Mspaint and nero 8 are the process which uses 50 % CPU…I wonder ? is conflicting these 2.

MS Paint using 50% cpu??? I can understand Nero but MS Paint??? I doubt it’s a conflict but perhaps it could be that this occurs because other programs using too much ram and by time you use media player there is little ram left?

Windows Player is a plague holding various update items that could want to “check” and run in your back even if closed; check for some settings avoiding this, but i believe it is not possible on a global point of view.

Windows Player should be uninstalled not from standard add/remove, but from windows installation item; still, if you do not disable system restore, it stays well, alive, and living in New-York.

One alternative solution is to uninstall it with specific software; XP Lite is very efficient, but only works with sp2.

It can also be disabled from gpedit.msc security policy (XP Pro).