With the new update of CIS 3.8, GameGuard-based games screw up again

With the new update of CIS 3.8, GameGuard-based games ■■■■■ up again.

Anyone has the same problem also?

Im also having that issues with various mmos with gameguard , im forced to use that old method to play my games but sacrifice the defense+ protection … Hope they fix it soon :-TU

Thanks for the clarification. I will not be installing the update until this is fixed. :slight_smile:


I have made a more extensive bugreport here:

If you have more information, please add it in that topic.

Thanks… I think your information is very comprehensive and I got nothing to add.

It’s good to know that it is not user problem. :slight_smile:

Just an update:
The latest version “Version 3.8.65951.477 : 26th Feb, 2009” still have not solved the problem.


It was fortunate that the game that I play has recently just changed from the usage of GameGuard to another anti-hack program, which works with the upgraded CIS.

So as of now I will not have any experience with GameGuard. Those still playing games that use GameGuard can continue to report your problems.

Oh, yeah… today I went back to a game with Gameguard and, surprise! All my processes started do close one after another.
I use Vista Business SP1.
I guess I’ll try with D+ disabeled latter.