With comodo antivirus no longer available with firewall its time to move

Since comodo now cares more about money and no longer offer the all in one internet security for free its certainly a good idea to get an other firewall.

Also admittingly hips is still rather unique on the market but the firewall is buggy and certainly there are better solutions especially since comodo seems for years now not to care to really improve the service but instead make it more user - unfriendly.

The Free version is stilll there CIS Free but I’d suggest the Beta version 6938 or 6882 for better stability at the moment

read first post pls

[at] ploget your link states clearly its not free but payed. Alright i scrolled down and found it i try that installer then.

[at] mmalheiros I did read that topic now and there is no link that includes a firewall it is all refering to Antivirus.

So you make this post in the same area of the forums ignoring the sticky release topic which provides all 3 download links ??? And you didn’t read or even try the links from mmalheiros linked topic, one of the links in that topic (https://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/firewall-new.php) points to the free firewall.

Also if you are finding incorrect links, there is already an existing topic covering this issue.

You certainly can admit that the links to the cis are not easy to find now.
Also yes i prefere firewall and antivirus to firewall only.

Also Comodo Internet Security Pro | Complete Internet Protection Suite Has the link but its scrolling down i did not see it the first time.

Also any link i follow like Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security which is from the search engine points to the CAV installer even if the link says its CIS.

Will you really tell me now it is not intensionally hidden?

“comodo antivirus no longer available with firewall”

You have now been informed that it is available.

Furthermore the topic of how easy it is to find has already been discussed in other threads in more detail.

Although CIS free still exists, it’s so difficult to find it for people who don’t haunt this forum that I must admit Andreww is not wrong when he says Comodo is trying to hide it >:(

The incessant whining is getting old. If you don’t like how things are going with Comodo and want to move on, then do that. Stop littering the forum with complaints that have already been thoroughly discussed.

I have a different one - https://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/firewall-new.php#_ga=2.229982940.1702222654.1573622315-1509114701.1560887153

I have to say the free version of Comodo Internet Security (for those of us on very low incomes) is very dificult to find now if you arrive at the Comodo site via the main page www.comodo.com. I realise the company needs to make money and would prefer people to pay for their products but even a basic non trumpet blowing link on the main page would be good. Comodo has been a life saver for those who are skint and they make excellent products including the free versions.