With CIS v3.8 do you get less pop ups compared to previous versions?

Hi Guys.

This is a “Yes” or “No” poll.

Do you get less pop ups with CIS v3.8 compared to previous versions?


Yes! Tens of times less pop-ups. :BNC

yes, CIS becomes more and more user friendly! I will recommend it and install it for friends and relatives if it continues this way… (:WIN)

The safe mode is really smooth…

Almost no popups, yet protecting you to the fullest! =)
Thou I still have my firewall set to Custom Policy, since I want to know exactly what connects were! :o :slight_smile:

i have been running it on one of my Vista PCs since launch and still hasn’t got a single alert!!! and yes i checked if it was working or not and it was!! This kind of top notch protection/security with this kind of usability, especially using prevention as your first line of defense, is certainly a paradigm shift in the security world!


PS: btw: You ain’t seen nothing yet :slight_smile:

Why haven’t you guys added digital signatures that we used to collect during CIS 3.8 beta testing?
If maybe 3 or 5 of them were added… 88)

I seem to get more since the last build even tho I am doing the same things like updating super anti spyware which had no alerts on the last build is now like paranoid mode. I am running both the firewall and defence + on safe mode.

The Subject says it all.


Yes very less pop ups, yet its working absolutely fine, this 3.8 version working better than 3.5 version for me i m using windows xp sp 3, x32 version. Thanks comodo ;D

Yes, less pop-up.

But to use CIS 3.8 is still somewhat difficult to common users. Such as my wife, or my son.
When they using it in their company or school, they don’t know how to set-up update proxy server address.

why don’t you provide an auto-proxy server detection option?

They tell me, it is too complex to use CIS.

I consider CIS very silent, even too silent when it comes to the default Firewall alerts. I think many people expect a popup when launching the browser for the first time. But for the most novice users this is probably a good thing.

Installing applications is however a bit too noisy, it’s important to understand that there is Installation Mode available. Whenever I hear users complaining at D+ being too noisy, I think many of them refer to installing applications.

I still get a lot of pop-ups, but am running on Windows 7, so that could be part of the reason.

I have an unexperienced friend who installed CIS 24 hours ago and he hasn’t called me yet. 88)

Well, since no one else is doing the “yes or no” thing. I won’t either.

I must say,

What the hell is wrong with “pop-up’s”?

(Such a degrading term for something that assist’s)

Why would we want to have programs doing things we don’t know about?

Even trusted programs are suspect considering how all the big software companies are
always having to issue security updates. And that probably will never be able to be changed. Just the way it is.

“So what” on the “pop up’s”

That’s my vote.

It depends on who you ask. Less popups is desireable for the large mass, those who wouldn’t be certain how to answer a popup, despite the help of ThreatCast. Mor experienced people and those who want control, of course, they do want popups. CIS will give you popups if you configure it that way… but the challenge is to make it secure and silent at the same time.

Of course, I entirely understand your point, and I know becoming “silent” is a necessary deal to be competitive.

I just want to point out that “pop up’s” are not a bad thing, and I believe they assist people, like myself, to become more experienced and wise. Then people, like me, can make better choices and understand consequences.

Crooks count on people not knowing what’s going on. I’ll never forget what that Son…ie exec said about people’s understanding of code, nasty individual he is.

So instead of yes or no, my take on pop up’s is “So what”. (Probably should be “Thanks”)

I only get pop-up’s when something different is going on. No problems unless I make them.

That is why CIS is designed so that it can be used by novices or experts depending on the settings.


Yes Sir.

I understand. I was kinda trying to put a better spin on pop-up’s. I read alot of complaints about them, and I scratch my head.

That’s all. I’ll quit talking about that in this thread, as it’s probably off topic.

I like the product. Works great, no excessive pop-up’s.

Have a good day.

Thanks Sandwater… really appreciate the support…


You have come far with CIS 3.8. :-TU However, I still get a popup which is quite unnecessary. Same thing with 3.9 beta.

When downloading any .exe file with Opera (or IE8), a D+ popup appears. My configuration is COMODO - Proactive Security, although I changed D+ level to Clean PC Mode.