[wishlist ] Whois

My wish list is a whois in a context menu in comodo firewall or an embedded whois tool

What is who is tool…


I’m intrigued too what the hell is that ‘whois’ tool. >:-D


Right now there are better options to improve comodo IS…

"who is " is a little bit confusing…

Really, why the hell we need that ‘whois’ in context menu? Maybe we ask Comodo to elaborate context menu for somebody’s favorite e-shop or torrent? :wink:

I really don’t see the similarity…

A Whois lookup will tell you who owns a specific domain. This can be a useful tool. What does such a thing have to do with an e-shop or a torrent? ???

Edit: typo…

yes it will be an awesome feature for Moderate skill users

also if there is an option for auto resolve

But whois is Far more useful

Thanks in front Comodo is a gr8 product

I don’t see any point to use this whois. I don’t see any connection of CIS to that thingumajig. I’m sorry I don’t understand the importance of this whois. May be someone who really enjoys that whois can show us why is it so good?

would you rather see some random numbers thats an ip address or would you like to see who its registered to? its just easier to identify who the ip is and make an informed decision with the firewall alert

as wasgij6 said
it will aid in knowing and making a decision about the alert or active connection

it’s really painful to do it manually because comodo don’t support copying the Ips in active connection

So it will be perfect if you add a whois option to the context menu in comodo active connections

Now I see: the user can check the existing connection or alerts about arising connections - to see their registration. And it must be in the ‘Active connections’. Sure at least it won’t clutter the main menu. :slight_smile:

Yes, it must be very useful to know connections. I’d like to have it either. :-TU

Won’t it be arduous task? :frowning: You know - the more tasks the less quality - human capacities ain’t infinite.

Yes, that would be an extremely useful feature.

The standard example is svchost.exe tries to connect to x.x.x.x. How the heck should I make a decision based on an IP Number. I need at least the domain name. Even better the whois information, like the poster suggested.

A very good idea in my opinion!

Added: This is even better: Everywhere where an ip is displayed have a hover info: