wishlist : snapshot visible mode

is it possible to have an option to make CTM buffer visible? (like CTM snapshot.vhd)
if so, I can make a disk image with snapshots.

Buffer? Its not a backup. There isn’t a file like snapshot.vhd file.
You cannot handle the free disk space with any disk image tools. You need CTM driver loaded.

Like in loading the mounted snapshot as VHD with it’s own logical drive as opposed to snapshots being loaded as a folder the way they are now? I can see your point I think. If it’s loaded as vhd then you could image it with a third party imaging app, correct?

it doesn’t necessarily need to be VHD. If at least CTM snapshot can be shown as a file, I could image my HDD with these snapshots, it’s cool.

if the snapshot is compliant with VHD extension the usability will be far improved.
maybe I can even attach a snapshot to another system.

CTM does not use any file as the snapshot.
The free space in the disk is used to keep the information of the files.

Makes no difference. dax is referring to the mounted product and not the technology behind how CTM works. Sure, CTM does not use any file for it’s snaphot but it does mount snapshots with similarity to a mounted vhd.

yes yes I want that file can be visible.

i understand what he says
is like this:
i mount an snapshot
i create an image of the mounted snapshop
i copy, paste the image on another disk

the result is a backup of the hard disk partitions
now to apply it to what dax is wanting will be like creating a “temporal” image of the partition.
it will take no time because the file will really no exist, but will have a size equal to the last changes since last snapshot, and inside the image will be only changed files

i have no idea,where is the snapshot stored.

they are in the empty space of all protected partitions, so you actually cannot “see” the files