wishlist iFolder

I wish comodo offers iFolder (server + (distributed) backupspace) as an alternative way of doing backups.


  • professional quality backup solution
  • uses secure connection and the serverfiles are encrypted
  • you can synchronize several coputers independently of the operating system
  • you can share folders with friends

iFolder is now opensource (havent read the disclaimer however).

clients on Linux*, Macintosh*, and Windows* platforms + web browser access

NovellĀ® iFolderĀ® 3.7 is a simple and secure storage solution that increases your productivity by enabling you to back up, access and manage your personal files from anywhere, at any time. Novell iFolder 3.7 has clients on Linux*, Macintosh*, and Windows* platforms.

You can share files in multiple iFolders, each with a different group of users. You control who can participate in an iFolder and the access level for each member. You can also participate in iFolders that others share with you. iFolder 3.7 provides higher security for your confidential iFolder files, to protect them from intentional or unintentional access by unauthorized people.