Wishlist for Trustfax v1

please post your wishes about what you want to see developed in trustfax.

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 and Leopard 10.5 support along with support for Safari on the website.

A bulk download function - to easily download all stored faxes.

I’m not concerned about receiving faxes (at least not right now) - I’d just like to send them.

It would be great if I could pay $10 to have a bank of 100 fax pages to send. When I run out of pages, I could replenish with another $10 payment. You could even give me a year to use my pages or lose them. At any time, allow me to upgrade my account to receive faxes as well. You don’t need to assign me a fax number until I want to upgrade my account.

This account option would allow you to undercut a lot of your competition and you have a bunch of users who are already associated with TrustFax if they decide to get a fax receiving account.

and you don’t need a tel number?

hmm if you don’t need a tel no… and just want to send faxes… interesting…


Well, since you asked, here are some improvements I’d like to see:


  1. Seriously improved auto-generated coversheet feature. It’s very convenient but leaves a lot to be desired. A very customizable one would be great, but if not we should have at least these options available:

a) upload any size graphic, at least one at the top. i’d like to be able to upload a banner graphic of our letterhead and use that at the top of the fax cover sheet.

b) have a separate TO: Name and Company box for display purposes on the cover sheet. Right now there’s just a To box and we have to put both name and company there.

c) Have a person’s name and company automatically fill in on the auto-generated fax cover sheet when you click Send Fax to in the address book. But then keep it editable in case you’re sending to a different person at that company. The fax number will always match the company so it would be good for this info to fill in automatically. Makes sense since there’s an address book.

d) have a check box next to each of the fields so we can decide whether to display it or not. It’d be even better to choose exactly what to display for the field description and field.

e) have a couple extra blank boxes with info we can fill in and display in case the default boxes don’t meet our needs. but still keep it simple.

f) Make it easier to print the fax cover sheet. Right now you have to force a print in the pop up box with CTRL-P.

g) I’d like to be able to get a PDF copy of auto generated cover sheets emailed to me with the confirmation email.

2)  Upgrade the desktop trustfax function so it works with Vista.  It sounds like something we'd like to use but we're using Vista so we can't try it.   :(

3)  Have more options on what to do with faxes sent and received, like be able to keep a copy online as well as get a copy emailed to me.   I'd like to be able to receive a copy of both sent and received faxes AND cover sheets emailed to me.   Also, it'd be nice if the original PDF of faxes sent and received was available online, under tracking, but it isn't -- probably because I choose to have them emailed to me.  It'd be nice to get them delivered both ways.

Thanks for listening.  Keep up the good work!  (:NRD)  :Beer

I would like to have the ability to set up User accounts under my main account. I don’t need them to have access to all the billing info and have the ability to change the password. Also this should allow them to enter all of their info for their own personal fax cover sheet.

I am looking for a bulk upload function when sending faxes.

I’m in the same situation. I have an ingoing fax number through our regular toll-free number provider already, so I just need something to send faxes (via email).

  • ask

Have the CSID (caller id) information on faxes being received appear in the subject line of the email. The benefit is if you are looking for a particular fax from someone, you can scan the subject line of your emails to look for the sender’s fax number and identify the fax you are looking for. Currently faxes received via email must be opened one by one to determine the sender.


It would be great if it was possible to get a text msg on your cell phone when you get a fax. I work in sales and am on the go all the time so I check email occationally. But I am on my cell all the time

My list after using for two days…

  1. Obvious functions that actually work. I have had problems with
    0.a) I have yet to get the address book import to work
    0.b) when hitting the ‘send to’ button on prepping a fax, the address book opens. I check a person to send to but dont have a way to ‘go back’ to the fax and have that contact reflected

  2. Drag and drop upload. I think this was mentioned somewhere else.

  3. Ability to file sent faxes in the cabinet

  4. Ability to see the entire fax as sent and not just the cover page

  5. An easy was to resend a fax that fails. Why not a resend button on the tracking page?

  6. Elimination of all the pop open windows in the UI. Those of us using a modern tab based browser have a real problem here. Why not adopt some of the web 2.0 techniques?

  7. Easy integration with ‘that address book web company’ (plaxo)

  8. Cover page templates that would allow you to use the ‘send’ and comment information to personalize. I’d like to be able to choose my ‘professional’ template and then just go rather than editing the cover page through the PDF edit function.

That’s a start…

1.i also agree that text messaging would be nice so we don’t have login at the pc all the time

  1. and the ability to port (909)396-xxxx the southern california market is a very lucrative market, that could attract more subscribers to trustfax

Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…Full Mac support…


There is no way to document the fax was received.

I send a fax and receive an email that the fax was sent, this is good. I then must print the email to a PDF file and combine with the sent fax PDF for proof of delivery. The Email really does not indicate the fax was received, just that it was sent to that number.

Please include the CID (or whatever it is called) of the receiving fax machine along with the date stamp.

Then include this information in the PDF file so the proof of receipt will be filed along with the sent fax.